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Where Can I Watch Fear the Walking Dead?

We're waiting for 2016 and Season 2 at the moment - so unless you have the Season 1 box set (I don't, so feel free to make a note of that for your Christmas List) or have them tucked away on your DVR somewhere you're going to have to watch The Walking Dead for a while.

The info below is for Season 1, we'll update it for Season 2 as soon as the new information is available.

Season 1 Info

This is our understanding, and we might be wrong, so don't make plans or buy anything based on what we say here. So please check for your country and your TV provider, and do let us know if we've got anything wrong in the comments at the bottom of the page.

In the U.S.

Fear will be on AMC. It will be aired at sundays at 9/8c.


In general you can assume that Fear will be on your local AMC Global channel. Gale Anne Hurd tweeted that it will be shown simultaneously on every country's AMC Global channel - and then repeated during that country's prime time if need be.

In Australia

Foxtel have bought the rights to show Fear in Oz, details here.

In South Africa

Fear will be on Channel 140 (AMC) on DStv at 2.10am, and 7pm Mondays from the 24th August (Repeated Thursdays and Saturdays check guide for details).

In the UK.

The AMC Global channel has been added to BT TV, Sky TV for customers who have BT Sport. Details here and here The UK started a week behind but has now caught up, thanks to the US run having Labor day weekend off.

On Demand

Buy it

An iTunes season pass is needed to buy the entire first season
An Amazon season pass is needed to buy the entire first season
Google Play
Xbox the US)

Watch it online

Using AMC's official site.

Broadcasts in Other Languages


Latino Countries

Episodes in Latino countries will first of all be broadcast with subtitles and then later on dubbed with Spanish dialogue.

  • For Argentina: Despite to not being in AMC'S provider list, the tv provider Gigared also offers the channel in the HD Channel Pack under the name AMC HD in the number 369.



Have we got anything wrong or do you have some extra info? Leave a comment below, let and we'll add the details to the main page here.

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