These are the weapons used in Fear the Walking Dead:

An effective team

Ofelia using her boltcutters, to good effect, in The Good Man

Season 1 Edit

101: "Pilot" Edit

102: "So Close, Yet So Far" Edit

103: "The Dog" Edit

104: "Not Fade Away" Edit

  • Automatic and Semi-Automatic Weapons were used to kill the occupant(s) of the house across the the valley.

105: "Cobalt" Edit

  • Moyer's Rifle: Used by Moyers to put down an infected woman during a journey across town.
  • Automatic Weapons, used by soldiers of the National Guard at the battle for West View Library.

106: "The Good Man" Edit

Season 2 Edit

201: "Monster" Edit

Most of the weapons used in the second season premiere were improvised, not that that makes them any less effective, or cool.

202: "We All Fall Down" Edit

203: "Ouroboros" Edit

204: "Blood in the Streets" Edit

205: "Captive" Edit

206: "Sicut Cervus" Edit

207: "Shiva" Edit

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