Children are the definition of "Dead Weight"
— Victor to Maddy, We All Fall Down

Strand is a character in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. He first appears in the episode "Cobalt", and is portrayed by Colman Domingo.



Strand is a man who came from humble beginnings but has become educated, and polished. His father was a strip-mall preacher and his mother left home. He is very capable, but he is not a practical man- for example, he needs Travis to figure out that the engine's water intake is blocked-, nor is he initially a man of action- he is willing to do what is necessary but does not manage to shoot many of the Infected in the head when trapped in a corridor with Nick in "The Good Man", and manages to make enough noise to wake the dead when trying to row away from The Abigail in "Blood in the Streets", Season 2).

He likes good clothes, high-end hotels, expensive and tasteful jewellery, fine wine and brandy. Before The Fall he was willing to break the law when it suited him, or when he needed too.[1]

Strand is described as sophisticated and mysterious.[2] From his conversations, he implies that he was some sort of salesman, but not an insurance salesman (as he displays distaste at insurance companies), before the apocalypse. After Strand and the rest of the group board the Abigail, Strand begins to take on a more dictatorial personality, forcing the group to abide by his rules and refusing to allow anyone else to board the ship regardless if it saves their lives, even hacking away a rope attaching Alex and Jake Powell ‘s raft to The Abigail and leaving them in the middle of the ocean.


Season 1 appearances
Pilot So Close, Yet So Far The Dog Not Fade Away Cobalt The Good Man
Season 2 appearances
Monster We All Fall Down Ouroboros Blood in the Streets Captive
Sicut Cervus Shiva Grotesque Los Muertos Do Not Disturb
Pablo & Jessica Pillar of Salt Date of Death Wrath North
Season 3 appearances
Eye of the Beholder The New Frontier Teotwawki 100 Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame Red Dirt
The Unveiling Children of Wrath Minotaur The Diviner La Serpiente Brother's Keeper
This Land Is Your Land El Matadero Things Bad Begun Sleigh Ride

Trivia Edit

  • Strand was called "Benjamin Booker" in the casting call for this character.
  • Victor Strand's nickname on twitter is "Boat Dick", apparently...[3]
  • First openly LGBT character on Fear The Walking Dead.
  • Initial theories suggested that Strand was connected with the people who took down the boat riddled with bullet holes, since Salazar found his gun in his crate. But this theory was debunked quickly, because the gun that Daniel found in Strand's crate is a Heckler and Koch MP5A2 sub-machine gun which uses 9 millimeter rounds, which is too small of a caliber to make holes of that size.

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