The group enter El Rosarito

El Rosarito is a town in Baja California, Mexico, and is a location present in Season 2 of Fear the Walking dead.


The town of El Rosarito and it's surrounding countryside are first seen via flashback and are depicted as tranquil. Everything seems to be, as is the case in the rest of the world, "business as useual" in this quiet area of Mexico.


El Rosarito, or at least, a fortified vineyard near El Rosarito, is revealed to be Strand's true location in the episode Ouroboros. It is promised to be a safe haven, stocked with food, water and supplies.

However, things are not as safe or as tranquil as they used to be in the episode Sicut Cervus. The local Parish Priest and his congregation are poisoned via communion wafer by Celia Flores in order to prevent them from killing a herd of infected that she has locked in her wine cellar. There are also numerous infected wandering around in the town and the surrounding countryside. Also, in order for The Abigail to make landfall near El Rosarito, she must first cross a military blockade that is being enforced by the Mexican Navy.

Thomas priest

Thomas confronts the Parish Priest about his plan to attack Celia


  • Most of the scenes shot in Season 2 were filmed in Rosarito
  • Rosarito was also the location where the movie Titanic was filmed.
  • This makes Rosarito the only location depicted as it is in the real world.


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