Hey guys. I thought I'd write this blog so that everyone has a chance to pitch in ideas about the theme, as I'd like to finalize it ahead of next month's premiere. Ideally we can all make sure that everyone is happy with the theme going into the show, and it won't noticeably change again until Season 2 airs (if at all).


Okay, so first up is the wordmark: We've used more or less the same one since the wiki was founded back in March; it's undergone some subtle changes, but has used the same arrangement. I've trialed various other ideas, but can honestly say that none look as good as the current one, so I'm of the opinion that it should remain the same (with the possibly exception of the color), although of course if anyone else wants to try a different one we can do. Here are some examples:


Current wordmark

New logo old format

Current arrangement, different colors

New logo red

Different arrangement, different colors

FTWD-HORZ-200 (1)

Different arrangement, current colors

Background image

I've just changed the image today, using the new key artwork released by AMC. I don't think that we can improve on this much, to be honest... all other official posters/artwork aren't very interesting or dynamic; we've had sandy beaches, Ferris wheels, but this is our only good shot of a walker, which seems a logical choice for me.

Color scheme in general

Example 2

Potential color scheme change with dark red logo.

I'd like as many people's opinions about this as possible.

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