And we're off!

We are indeed, and with all the subtlety of a good solid kick in the face as our group fight zombies no the beach before they desert a burning and bombed out LA.

It starts with Strand already on the boat and Travis, Maddie and Chris having to fight off zombies on the beach as they wait to be picked up.

Strand's boat is good, completely convincing (to my eyes at least) and incredibly luxurious. It looks as if they could point the pointy end east and be in Hawaii in a few weeks. It's certainly a long way from Georgia, with its dining table, wine glasses and bedrooms to die for.

Strand has come into his own and makes it clear who the boat belongs to - complete with veiled threats about kicking off anyone who doesn't do as they're told to (by him).

Travis and Madison are more of a unit than we've seen them when Travis was fixing a sink back in the first episode of Season 1. Alicia Clark has a long way to go, as you would expect really, with the way her family hid the truth from her as long as they could. She's wanting to rescue everyone - that was true of a lot of the group. She's gone further than most and has escaped into a radio conversation with someone calling himself "Jack", we don't know anything about Jack yet. Nick is making the adjustment to their new circumstances, he doesn't seem to be in withdrawal and can certainly swim.

Chris is destroyed, and even more petulant than his Season 1 worst.

Daniel is... Daniel, hard to read, pragmatic (he catches breakfast) and always surprising. He comforts Travis, not someone you'd expect to see him empathise with.

Ofelia's shoulder seems to be more of a minor scratch than a bullet wound, what with the way she's using that arm. I suppose I should be thankful but I hate it when they get medical stuff wrong (all the time, that is). Just as well really, what with there being no one now who can even put on a plaster or tell her to use a sling. Except Nick, who prescribes vodka as well.

My first impression was that it was not so much "Slow Burn" as frantic, and badly paced. We'll see how it develops.

What did you think?


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