So we're off and running then, finally. What's been arguably the most anticipated TV series of the summer has now premiered, to a predictable chorus of "Brilliant", "Wow!" and "Boringly Slow", "What? No herds of walkers?" on Twitter etc. The "Wow"s are outnumbering the"Slow"s about 2.5 to 1 at the moment I reckon.

I won't give away plot details (for the two people on the planet who haven't already seen it) but I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wasn't alone either, oh there were a fair few people who were disappointed not to see a herd of zombies leaving the school and Cliff Curtis cutting them to pieces with a samurai sword whilst sporting a dreadlocks wig.

Now don't get me wrong, it didn't start slowly, the first scene is more than sorta tense and then throttles back to normal as it lays out the characters and what they're all doing. It then gets more than just slightly tense again towards the end. :)

It's the first time I've come across any of the cast except for Frank Dillane as Nick Clark, who played Tom Riddle, the young he-who-cannot-be-named from the Harry Potter stories. Dillane plays a massive part in the first episode "Pilot" and is completely convincing as a drug addict - he does a pretty good "terrified" as well, which will probably come in handy for the whole series.

Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark gives an impressively subtle performance her scene with Dillane in the hospiital is extremely well done, Alicia Clark wants to believe her big brother so much, but she just doesn't.

I predict that Kim Dickens is going to storm her way through this series. there have been comments from Cliff Curtis in interview that his character Travis Manawa is having to come to terms with not being "The Man". My bet is that's only going to get more pronounced. Maddy Clark as played by Dickens is powerful and decisive and with the potential to be more powerful and more decisive than Rick Grimes. Oh, and I'm not convinced she's going to end up as one of the good guys...

Next Sunday then everyone, don't be late and no excuses. "So Close, Yet So Far" is only a couple of days away now,

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