I'm so looking forward to this!!

"The Dog" airs on Sunday and after having a week off for Labor Day AMC seem to have gone a bit mad in the Trailer department, bless 'em...

It all looks brilliant, basically. The first video in the gallery above features the evil looking Shutter Zombie, my favourite image from the season so far.

I wonder if anyone's going to tell Alicia that the dead are refusing to stay that way? Not an easy conversation I'm sure, but it's gotta happen. Oh, and there's the whole "Problem with Matt being undead" thing as well. Hmmm

I'm betting that the title of this episode "The Dog" refers to the Jack London story To Build A Fire (a very bleak winter's tale) which was the story Travis was talking about in the lesson he was giving in "Pilot". At the end of the story, in case you were wondering, the dig is fine.

Talk to you soon :)

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