This first season is going by very quickly, the end of "The Dog" marked the 1/2 way point for goodness sake.

It also marked a real step up in terms of the drama and action. More zombies than we've seen before; but still the majority of people around are alive and not Infected. I get the feeling that's not going to continue.

The trailers for "Not Fade Away" look intense, Madison out on her own walking through what looks like a battlefield and the official synoposis "Madison and Travis see different sides of the National Guard's occupation in their neighborhood; the family tries to adapt to the new world." does more than just hint at a disagreement between Madison and Travis - and about time, I'm pretty sick of him putting a stop to every good instinct she has and then calling her a "good girl" as if she were 8. We'll see how well the synopsis actually reflects the episode I guess.

"Not Fade Away" is written by Meaghan Oppenheimer who's relatively unknown as a writer. According to her IMDB page Oppenheimer worked as an actress from 2000 until 2012 and then switched paths to writing. "Not Fade Away" is her third writing credit; Kirkman, Hurd, Erickson and Alpert are not known for picking bad writers, so this should be interesting to say the least.

Last week saw the arrival of the cavalry (The National Guard) so I suspect that this week will see them consolidating their position and planning a push into LA? I'm guessing, but I don't think we'll be seeing much if anything from the point of view of the military. The family is the lens we get to see through, so expect some adjustments with our three families discovering that when the military say "Jump!" they expect you to be answering "Yes Sir!" from about a metre in the air. A bit of a change for them then...

Should be good :)

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