Less than six weeks to go, so I've been "spring cleaning", starting to collect images, videos, making sure that things are in place for April 10th.

Things are looking good, I like the new trailers and I see the credits on IMDB include a director of underwater photography :) As well as some interesting new cast members.

Two of them we know already, Jake and Charlie from Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 are both in Season 2 Episode 3, or so it seems at the moment. Pretty much anything about Season 2 could be wildly wrong at this point, remember that Robert Kirkman loves to wind people up about storylines etc - so it could all be an elaborate lie.

(Season 2's probably set in Low Earth Orbit or something, with Christopher Manawa having recommissioned a shuttle or two and our heroes battling against the many tentacled alien threat who've extracted the virus from Uranus. (that will satisfy those asking for a definitive origin story anyway.) The whole boat thing just doesn't seem likely to me.)

Don't forget, you read it here first, Aliens from Uranus with (at least) 27 tentacles and 4 or 5 eyes. And space shuttles.

Let me know if there's anything you want to see included in the wiki for this season and I'll put it to the designers and see what they think.

If you see any good images or videos - upload them... click on the "Contribute" button, top right of most pages, and follow the prompts. It's easy enough for me to do so you should be ok.

Hope you're enjoying The Walking Dead and the new instalments of Flight 462 as much as I am :)


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