Only two days to go now, and I don't know whether to feel excited or a bit... flat, that AMC released the first three minutes of the pilot yesterday. 

My first thought was "oh..., we'll have seen all the action before it airs then", and I suspect there's some truth in that with the much vaunted slow burn (I'm so pleased that people aren't using that phrase as much now, I can't believe I just did myself) there's probably not going to be much zombie section in the pilot.

Having said that though? It looks gorgeous. Director Adam Davidson and his Scots director of photography have clearly both done this before and the colours and light in that three minutes are to drool over. 

There's also some implied plot and character background stuff in those minutes. Gloria seems to be Nick's girlfriend, or at least the girl he's spent the night with and someone he knows quite well. He calls out and seems to look for her as soon as he wakes. So two things from that, he was expecting to see her as soon as he woke, and expecting to see her alive. Could that mean she died in her sleep? Of an overdose?

And right at the end of the clip, when Nick sees her and doesn't know she's turned, he touches her shoulder and says that they have to leave, he knows her well then... 

While we're in the church, so to speak, there are shots of Maddy and Travis in there, presumably from after they visit Nick in the hospital. I wonder how many infected they will find when they go through the building? We know of a possible three, so we might be seeing Gloria more than once.

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