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    Victor Strand!!

    April 15, 2016 by ReginaldDrax

    Oh my, it's official Victor Strand is going to pick up someone in San Diego and dump everyone else.

    Ok, so I made all of that up but... He's up to something alright.

    When Madison Clark climbed the steps to the Upper Deck on The Abigail she heard voices - and Strand had a satellite phone in his pocket!!

    And... In the promo for 202 "We All Fall Down" Strand says (at 0.19, into said sat phone) "I'm coming."

    Who is he talking to? Why is it a secret? Could it be "Abigail", the person the boat's named after?

    Strand is so up to something!

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  • ReginaldDrax

    Season 2: Monster

    April 11, 2016 by ReginaldDrax

    And we're off!

    We are indeed, and with all the subtlety of a good solid kick in the face as our group fight zombies no the beach before they desert a burning and bombed out LA.

    It starts with Strand already on the boat and Travis, Maddie and Chris having to fight off zombies on the beach as they wait to be picked up.

    Strand's boat is good, completely convincing (to my eyes at least) and incredibly luxurious. It looks as if they could point the pointy end east and be in Hawaii in a few weeks. It's certainly a long way from Georgia, with its dining table, wine glasses and bedrooms to die for.

    Strand has come into his own and makes it clear who the boat belongs to - complete with veiled threats about kicking off anyone who doesn't do as they're t…

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  • ReginaldDrax

    Less than six weeks to go, so I've been "spring cleaning", starting to collect images, videos, making sure that things are in place for April 10th.

    Things are looking good, I like the new trailers and I see the credits on IMDB include a director of underwater photography :) As well as some interesting new cast members.

    Two of them we know already, Jake and Charlie from Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 are both in Season 2 Episode 3, or so it seems at the moment. Pretty much anything about Season 2 could be wildly wrong at this point, remember that Robert Kirkman loves to wind people up about storylines etc - so it could all be an elaborate lie.

    (Season 2's probably set in Low Earth Orbit or something, with Christopher Manawa having recommissi…

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  • ReginaldDrax


    February 4, 2016 by ReginaldDrax

    If you aren't suspicious as heck of Colman Domingo's character Strand then you need to take a long, hard look at yourself in the mirror.

    He's appeared out of nowhere during the second half of Season 1, befriended the recovering drug addict, Nick Clark, and escorted a bunch of complete strangers to his multi-million dollar mansion. Oh, and he has a yacht named Abigail which he has offered up as an escape route. As we said, suspicious...

    Anyway, with Strand now confirmed as a series regular for Season 2, we're sure to learn a lot more about what makes him tick. Does he know something the rest of the troupe doesn't? Why has he been so secretive about his past? And what does he see in Nick?

    The first time we saw Strand, he was giving away a swank…

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  • ReginaldDrax

    Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 starts during the Season 1 finale of Fear and follows a group of airplane passengers right at the start of the outbreak. It will be 16, very short, episodes long and deals with the threat posed by an infected passenger on an airliner, one of the characters in 462 will join the second season cast of Fear.

    Each installment will be a little less than a minute in length, releasing each Sunday for the duration of Season 6 TWD. The debut episode will then air as a promo during The Walking Dead’s season 6 premiere on Oct. 11. 462 is pretty much a family affair and is written by Lauren Signorino and Mike Zunic and directed by the Fear director of photography Michael McDonough. It’s produced by Dave Erickson and David Wiene…

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