Hey guys.

Alright, so I know that The Walking Dead Wikia has a place whre people can share their original zombie themed fiction. Now, I dont want to start that here, but I am in the middle of writing a story and I was wondering would you mind taking a loot at my character list?

James Regan—kind hearted and intelligent. At times, over confident and cocky, but anything he does is with the best intentions. Not afraid to get his hands dirty- either working on the farm or by protecting those he cares about. Believes his family is dead and blames himself, even though he has no proof of this. He thinks that if he kept a better hold of his younger brothers’ hands they would be alive. At times, reactionary to threats, but will plan ahead where possible. A quick learner who seems wise beyond his years.

Kyle Longshadow- happy go lucky and gentle, Kyle, like James, blames himself for the death of a family member. He trusts James, his grand-uncle Bobby and his sister Adrianna and few other people in their group. Despite his young age, he is a decent shot with a rifle, though his main defense is his speed, and he is sure of foot over rough ground.

Bobby Longshadow aka Uncle Bob- a tough ‘mountain man’ who worked at a summer camp before the infection hit (when he wasn’t brewing moonshine). He stayed behind at the summer camp after all the other adults fled and buried the children who died. He is practical, with a no-nonsense air and military experience. He often disappears into the mountains for weeks at a time, bringing back wild game to feed the group- though many believe he watches their farm with binoculars.

Adrianna Longshadow- a bit of a tomboy, she is proud of her Native American heritage and at first distrusts James because he is a ‘pale face.’ She learned all she knows from her grand-uncle. She dislikes farm work, but she learns to appreciate the efforts James and Bernie go to feed the group.

Bernard ‘Bernie’ Franklin aka Patches- farmer, Vietnam veteran, prepper and a longtime friend of Bobby. Eager to teach his wide variety of skills to whoever will learn from him. Treats James and Kyle like sons, and has a soft spot for Adrianna.

The Group- consists of mainly refugees from all over who have gradually congregated near Bernie’s farm. Decide to call their settlement Raccoon in honor of a video game.

James’ family- alive, and in a small government safe zone with what remains of the government. James’ father was/is a veterinary surgeon that also has a diploma in Agricultural Science. To many, this makes him valuable in planning the strategy for the governments planned takeover of more farm land. James mother is an MD- one of only a handful who survived. This guarantees their and their sons, inclusion in the safe zone.

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