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Ganzfield-2” (real name unknown) is a major/recurring character who first appears in 6/15/19 but actually was the “a FANDOM user” you saw a lot in the recent activity (dun dun dun). In the Walking Dead Universe, he was first seen in the episode Pilot.

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

This is the man responsible for the apocalypse. After the outbreak, EVERYONE hated him.

Post-Apocalypse Edit

Ganzfield-2 ran away. It has been confirmed that he is still alive, but his whereabouts are unknown, though still confirmed alive. He still somehow managed to make an appearance in every episode even with his disappearance.

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While appearing in every episode, Ganzfield-2 doesn’t say a single word.

Season 1 Edit


Ganzfield-2 can be seen in the background when Nick wakes up. He sees the undead Gloria as Nick looks in shock to what Gloria turned into. Ganzfield-2 runs away from the scene as Gloria slowly stumbles to Nick.

Ganzfield-2 is later seen in the background as Nick sprints on the road and gets hit by a car. Ganzfield-2 never noticed and just walked away like nothing happened.

So Close, Yet So FarEdit

Ganzfield-2 is seen witnessing the fight between Tobias and an undead Art.

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