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You know, you and me, we're more alike than you think. We're black sheep, children of violence, it's just you wish you weren't.
— Troy to Nick

Troy Otto is the main antagonist of the third season. He was portrayed by Daniel Sharman.

Troy was a formerly high-ranking member of the Broke Jaw Ranch community. Troy was the last surviving member of his family, as well as the last survivor of Broke Jaw Ranch.


Troy is part of the Otto family, consisting of his father Jeremiah and his half-brother Jake. They lived near the border of Mexico. His family were founders of a suvivalist organization preparing for the fall of democracy, but who didn't anticipate the rise of the dead. Unlike his half-brother, he was not educated.


Season 3[]

"Eye of the Beholder"[]

Troy is first seen when he enters a locked office where Madison Clark and Alicia Clark are being held. He offers them tea and seems hospitable, until he starts interrogating them. Madison explains to Troy that she’s looking for her son, Nicholas Clark. Madison then demands to know where they’ve taken Travis Manawa. Troy avoids answering, but promises to let them go once he’s finished “processing” them. He shows particular interest in Madison.

Troy joins his soldiers in the barrack bathroom, which is being used as a secret lab for Troy’s men to test Infected resurrection times. His men select people of varying body types, health and ethnic backgrounds, to determine such variations have any effect. Troy stares into the vacant eyes of a dead body, waiting for him to turn. The Infected reanimates and the soldiers settle their bets.

In the storage room, Troy questions Travis about his connection to Madison, and his ethnicity. He’s impressed by Travis’ Maori “warrior” heritage. Travis tells Troy that Luciana Galvez is dying and requires immediate medical attention. Troy shrugs and declares that “everyone here dies", and orders Travis to sit.

Troy takes notes in a journal as he watches Madison and Alicia sleep. Madison wakes up and asks Troy if Travis is dead. Troy still doesn’t answer. She tells Troy that she loves Travis’ life more than her own.

Troy tells Madison that they’re getting ready to evacuate the depot. He offers to release Travis if she and Alicia travel home with him. They hear a gunshot outside. Troy runs out of the office and locks the door behind him. His men fire at Travis, Nick, Luciana, and Steven as they flee the barrack. The soldiers are gaining on them, so Travis tells Nick and Luciana to go on without him, and he stays behind. Steven is killed by Willy while Nick and Luciana escape.

Troy orders his men, who have captured Travis, to take him to the pit around the back of the compound. Troy returns to the office and Madison attacks him with the knife, but Troy knocks the weapon out of her hand. She grabs hold of a spoon and plunges it into his eye socket, nearly gouging his eye out. Madison tells Troy if he tries to break away he will lose his eye. Madison yells for Alicia to find Travis and a vehicle.

Madison drags Troy outside, holding the spoon in his gouged eye, as armed soldiers surround them. Troy tells the soldiers to back off. Alicia hides in a truck as the soldiers pack for the impending evacuation from the base. Jake Otto, Troy’s brother, arrives and urges Madison to release Troy. He acknowledges that Troy probably brought this on himself, but she’s surrounded and has no where to go. Madison releases Troy who lunges for her but is subdued by Jake who demands to know where Madison’s family is. Jake agrees to take her to her family and Troy admits that Travis is in the pit. Meanwhile, Troy brings Madison to the pit, where they find an exhausted Travis surrounded by the Infected and covered in blood. He climbs out of the pit and attacks Troy, but is quickly restrained. Alicia is brought to Madison, followed by Nick and the Clark family reunites.

Later, Jake offers to take Travis, Madison, Nick, Alicia and Luciana to his family’s ranch. It’s safe there, and Jake assures them that Troy will behave. Madison and Travis reject the offer. As the soldiers continue preparations for the evacuation, Jake finds Troy in one of the barracks and chastises him for killing innocent people. Troy insists he was conducting research and says that their father would understand. Jake informs Troy their father sent Troy here for a reason, “Cast one out to protect the many.”

Suddenly, the infected Nick and Luciana encountered have emerged from the sewer and breached the barracks. The soldiers scramble to keep them back. The compound has been compromised, and chaos ensues.

Madison and Nick fight the infected, while Travis and Alicia help Luciana into a helicopter. Troy arrives in a truck and urges Madison and Nick to hop on board. The helicopter takes off with Travis, Alicia, and Luciana while Madison and Nick depart in a truck with Troy. Troy tells Madison that they’re all going to the same destination.

"The New Frontier"[]

While driving, Troy blasts heavy metal music as he drives Madison and Nick to his father’s ranch. Madison keeps her guard up, still leery of Troy and his motives. Eventually the caravan pulls up to Broke Jaw Ranch. A guard tells Troy that Jake never arrived. Troy orders Madison and Nick to get out of the truck. He drives inside the gate, leaving Madison and Nick outside looking in.

Nick refuses to stay at the ranch, but Madison reminds him that this is their best shot at medical treatment for Luciana. Troy’s father, Jeremiah Otto, introduces himself to Madison and Nick and orders the guard to let them in. Otto shows Madison and Nick around the ranch and explains that he initially started the camp to prepare for the fall of democracy. Madison is critical of Troy, but Otto defends his son’s behavior by stating that he was just carrying out his mission at the depot. Sensing Madison and Nick’s hostility, he points out that most people would be grateful to be at the ranch.

Troy later appears, when Madison joyfully reunites with Alicia. She looks for Travis, then falls to her knees with grief upon realizing that Travis is dead. Troy predicts that Luciana will soon die and takes out his gun to put her down. Nick begs him not to shoot, but Troy explains it’s their policy to keep dying patients out of the infirmary in case they turn. Nick offers to be the one to kill Luciana and Troy hands him his gun. Nick then turns the gun on Troy and demands Luciana receive treatment. Otto intervenes and agrees to treat Luciana in the infirmary if Nick hands back the gun and provided she has a pulse. Nick complies and Luciana is taken to the infirmary.


Troy is lounging in Nick’s bed in the bunkhouse, where Madison finds him. He opens up to Madison and says that he picked her, not Nick, to join his community. Madison insists Nick will earn his keep, and orders Troy to make the bed before he leaves. Madison asks Jeremiah to protect her family from Troy and other hostile community members. She goes as far as threatening to expose Troy’s twisted experiments at the fuel depot. Otto refuses to tell people how to behave, but offers to teach her the culture of this ranch. He asks Jake to show her his video lectures.

Jake sets Madison up to watch Otto’s old video tapes. He promises to protect her family from Troy. Madison tells Jake she wants to find whoever shot down the chopper. He understands her desire to know who killed Travis. Jake talks to Troy and orders him to stay away from the Clark family. He reminds Troy that he’s protecting him by hiding his psychopathic nature from others in the community. He gives his word to stay away from them and leaves.

Troy invites Nick on a nighttime boar hunt. Nick agrees and climbs into Troy’s truck. The two of them hunt boar in the darkness of night with a group of fellow ranchers. Troy stalks Nick around a corner, but then Nick tackles Troy and holds a gun to his face. Troy dares Nick to shoot and guesses it would take him 87 minutes to turn. Disgusted, Nick asks Troy what’s wrong with him. “I just need to know why we spoil,” Troy explains. Nick shoots the ground next to Troy’s head and lets Troy go. Then, Troy tackles him. Nick grabs Troy’s “scientific” journal, rips up the pages and laughs hysterically. Troy declares that they can now be friends.

Otto announces to the community that it’s been 36 hours since they dispatched a unit to investigate the chopper attack. He asks for volunteers to accompany Troy on a search mission to find their men. Madison volunteers. At mealtime, Madison sits next to Troy instead of eating with Nick and Alicia. She lays out a napkin on Troy’s lap.

"Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame"[]

Troy is shown helping the ranchers as they fight to put out the fire that recently burned. Jeremiah orders everyone to stop so they can save the water since Russell and Martha are already gone. In the morning, Madison leaves with Troy on his mission to find the missing team that went to investigate the downed chopper.

Troy spots a herd on the side of the road and orders his team to kill the Infected. One of the militiamen argues that they should stick to their mission, but Madison agrees with Troy that the militia should takem out in case the horde makes it to the ranch. Troy’s team eliminates the Infected, giving Madison a chance to prove her fighting skills to Troy’s men. Troy’s team arrives at the helicopter crash site only to discover that whoever shot it down dragged it away. They find shells from a gun owned by Phil and deduce that Phil engaged the assailants before retreating to his outpost.

Troy’s team drives to the outpost. On the way, Troy and Madison talk about those they lost. Madison confides that seeing the place where Travis died shook her. She wonders if Troy grieved for his mother after she died. Troy declares that dead people are dead. Troy’s group arrives at the outpost to find a pile of charred bodies. They discover Phil, partially scalped and babbling nonsensically as a crow pecks at his exposed brain. Horrified, Madison stabs Phil in the head, and insists they leave. Before the militiamen can move, a Native American man named Qaletaqa Walker confronts them with his soldiers.

Troy is furious at him for what he has done but Walker claims McCarthy deserved it as he killed two of his men the previous day and Troy counters that he and all the rest of his people will die as well. Walker orders Troy and the rest to drop their weapons and they comply once they realize they are surrounded by Walker's men. He then tells the group he will be taking all their weapons, their vehicles and their boots and that the time for justice has come and Troy and his people must abandon the ranch. Troy refuses and Walker threatens that he will feed them all to the crows (like McCarthy) if they do not leave.

Troy’s group makes their way back toward the ranch without their shoes and weapons. Madison insists they take a break, but Troy orders his men to keep walking. When Madison challenges him, Troy pulls her aside and says she’s not his mother. Madison speculates that Troy’s mother must have hated him. As Troy reels from her words, Madison asks the team if they want to rest. Everyone raises their hands. Troy begrudgingly allows his militia to rest until dawn. Madison wakes up in the middle of the night to find Troy holding a knife to her neck. She urges him to be a better man. He relents and withdraws the knife.

"Red Dirt"[]

Troy and Madison's team arrive, who all have bloody feet from walking without shoes. Troy pushes on and walks in. Alicia and Nick give Madison water. Troy wants to talk privately with Jeremiah. Others want to hear about what happened. Mike Trimbol bursts out and says that a group of Native Americans slaughtered Phil McCarthy and the others from the outpost." Troy insists he stop yelling to everyone but he tells everyone, "If we stay, we die!"

Jeremiah, Troy, Jake and Madison discuss a course of action. Troy is being scolded by Jeremiah for leading the group to a bad situation. Madison defends him. Troy insists they fight Walker, but Jeremiah refuses to go to war. Jake suggests they negotiate with Walker and points out that he beat Walker in court when Walker filed lawsuits in the past. Madison asks if they stole Walker’s land. Jeremiah maintains that the ranch was sold to his forebears.

Nick heads into the basement where all of the supplies are. Troy cuts him off and asks about Luciana. Nick doesn't want him saying her name anymore. Two residents try to leave with supplies and Troy stops them, insisting they put the supplies back. They insist to have spoken with Jeremiah about it. Troy walks out, frustrated.

Moments later, Vernon Trimbol approaches Jeremiah and wants to have a word. He starts by recalling the long-lasting friendship and says his priority is his family and to protect them he will leave. Jeremiah encourages him to leave if that's what he wants. Troy asks if Mike is going, too, and Vernon yells, "My family's leaving Troy!" Jeremiah says men have kids and it turns them into women. Madison encourages him to provide a reason to stay and Jeremiah thinks he offered enough already.

Troy charges toward the gate and insists they keep it closed. He tells Vernon to open the door. He refuses. Troy approaches and insists they can't leave with Ranch property. They have Ranch gas and supplies. Jake tries to stop him but they ultimately get into a fight. Jeremiah rushes in and punches Troy as a result and Madison breaks it up. The gate is opened and Vernon drives off with his family and his horses.

In the armory, Troy preps weapons. Madison approaches him and asks if he is going after his family. He says he's not. Troy explains that all he ever had in his life was this place. Troy is struggling to accept how Mike and Vernon quit on this community, and he tells her Mike was his loyal childhood friend. Madison insists they were just doing what they thought best for the family and that she will help prevent any one else from leaving. Troy gathers a small militia in the pantry and charges them with defending the ranch, with Madison proudly looking on.

At the gate, Troy is waiting. The pick-up truck and RV pull in. Madison reveals the dead bodies of Vernon and his family to the community. She gives a speech to the community, including a wish that her husband Travis could have made it here but the same people who killed him are the people who killed Vernon and his family. Nick isn't buying it. She insists there is nothing outside of Broke Jaw Ranch for these people and they have to fight for this land.

Madison approaches Troy at the fence and confronts him about killing the Trimbols. Troy admits that he pursued them to confront Mike over abandoning him. He wanted Mike to look him directly in the eye and Madison realizes he didn't want to do that. Troy says, "He said some things and I did some things and it went bad." Madison reassures him he did what was right and they he is the survivor here. She says the only thing that matters is that Troy can control his rages, claiming he is integral to saving them from the fight that is coming. She hopes Troy is up to the task of protecting the Ranch from Walker. Troy says he is. Madison walks away from Troy, leaving him at the gate.

"The Unveiling"[]

Nick tries to train with Troy's militia, but he questions whether or not his mother gave him permission, belittling Nick's efforts. Nick is carrying the guilt of Travis' death and his sister missing, going on to say he needs an occupation. He also wants to protect the community from whoever killed the Trimbols. Troy hands him a gun.

Troy talks to Madison after Jake returns with Ofelia Salazar as leverage, who Troy calls her "stupid", Madison says she is choosing the winning side. "She thinks he's gonna beat us," Madison says. She asks Troy to help rescue Alicia. Troy hesitates, preferring to see how Jake’s parley plays out. Madison points out that he owes her a favor for not turning the ranch against him, about murdering the Trimbols as leverage.

Troy, Nick and several militia soldiers sneak into Black Hat Reservation and rescue Alicia. Troy grabs Alicia and silences her. The small group is trying to get her out of there. They didn't want to kill the Native American man who approached, but he tries to flee so Troy doesn't hesitate to stab him in the head. Nick is watching from the distance and sees someone coming. He rushes in, instructing Madison to meet them down there with the truck. Nick attacks the man out of nowhere but ends up on the bottom of the fight with a knife in his face. Troy saves Nick's life by shooting the man in the head. A gunfight ensues as the group tries to escape, killing at least two more men. Madison picks up the rescue team with Alicia in a truck.

Madison’s group returns to the ranch. Jake admonishes them for essentially declaring war on Walker’s nation. Troy admits that he killed four of their people. Madison admits that she convinced Troy to help save Alicia. Jake argues that it is not Madison's place to make calls. She accuses Jake of getting played by Walker. Jeremiah says this was Jake's show, and tells him she has to make a hard call someday. The next day, Jake is seen loading water into the truck. Troy takes one for himself. Troy insists Jake has a deathwish but Jake swears he plan to reason with him. "Brother, you leave I don't think you're coming back," Troy tells him, but Jake leaves anyway.

Troy, along with Jeremiah, Madison and Jake question Ofelia, who claims that Walker kicked her out because he suspected her of helping Alicia escape. A guard takes her to the infirmary. Madison regrets letting Ofelia return to Walker, given her promise to Ofelia’s father that she would look after Ofelia. Troy orders his militia to guard the perimeter for the next 48 hours.

"Children of Wrath"[]

Troy is ordered by Jake to gather the remaining militia, but Troy is the only one left, since all of them are sick or dead. Madison suggests they recruit the ranchers but Jake tells her she doesn’t lead the ranch and storms out. Troy follows him out. Jake eventually agrees with Madison’s plan to fight and instructs Troy to arm anyone who isn’t sick. Alicia suggests they try to negotiate with Walker again, but Troy admits talk is cheep and they already gave them waters. Jake points out that they have no leverage to broker a deal. Alicia hatches a plan.

Troy and a team of ranchers start a fire outside their place, The Nation rushes to extinguish the fire. Madison and Alicia hitch a wagon to her truck. Some of Walker's men spot the militia and begin gunning them down. Madison rushes back to the truck. Troy covers them and kills some of the Native Americans before leaping into the truck. The truck starts to pull away with Walker's trailer in tow. The next day, Troy, Madison and Alicia bring the reliquary back to the ranch. Walker follows with a host of soldiers. Troy tells Jeremiah they brought the reliquary, so Jake can make a deal, Jeremiah isn't happy about it. Nick asks if he is scared. Jeremiah tells him to be careful and he may not like his hospitality, but it is better than Walkers and walks away.

At the gate, Troy is there when Madison meets with Walker and offers to return the relics in exchange for peace and ownership of the ranch. She gives him the skull of his father. He rejects her terms and gives the remains back. She tells Troy, Jake, Alicia, and Nick that they have until sundown the next day to clear out or die. Later at night, a gunshot is heard, Troy and Jake run to Jeremiah's house to find him dead, staged to look like a suicide by Madison and Nick, who is the one who killed him. Troy rushes to him, emotionally. He and Jake remove Jeremiah's body from the house. Madison, Alicia and Nick stand on the ranch's balcony where Jeremiah used to overlook the community. They watch Jake and Troy deliver Jeremiah's body to a coffin.


Troy, Nick and the militia lure Infected into an ambush. Troy's militia walk on a path to their four wheeler. Troy calls Nick a poet and says that's not a bad thing. Nick and Troy spot Walker’s convoy as it approaches the ranch. Jake greets the convoy and shakes Walker’s hand. The ranchers warily look on as Walker waves the convoy through the gate: The Nation has officially come to live at Broke Jaw Ranch.

Jake leads Walker into the pantry to discuss details of the Nation residing at the ranch. Troy walks out after voicing his disdain for the Nation and butting heads with Lee, Walker’s right-hand man. Jake assures Walker that, unlike Troy, most ranchers have accepted the peace deal. Troy and Nick stand at Jeremiah's grave. Troy is angry at his father for leaving them with this situation. Nick tries to give Jeremiah a heroic legacy but Troy calls him a drunk. Nick tells Troy he lost his dad, too, so he can relate. Nick believes his dad's death in traffic was suicide.

Troy complains to Jake about the peace deal. Terrance Shafford, one of the ranchers, points out that Walker’s people killed Gretchen. Jake reminds them that Walker denied killing the Trimbols. After Jake leaves, Troy complains about the people the nation has killed. Terrence tells him Gretchen was good, and Troy agrees, despite that he was the one killed her. Meanwhile, Madison, Nick and Walker go to Troy’s house and demand his weapons.

Troy is curious about his own safety. Nick helps convince him by saying, "You don't want to die on your doorstep." Troy allows everyone inside. He sits in his father's chair and discusses his father dying in it. When Walker attempts to search upstairs, Troy draws a gun on them. Nick stands in the way of Troy who fires a warning shot into the ceiling and orders everyone to leave, closing the door behind them. Inside, Nick questions what Troy is doing. Troy reveals a cache of weapons. He wants to go upstairs and start sniping the enemies. Nick tries to talk him down but Troy is adamant. He hands Nick a rifle and heads to the window. He sees Madison first, who tells him everyone handed over their weapons so no one will follow him. He does not want to surrender but Madison wants to survive. Gunfire bursts out and Walker's men begin shooting at Troy. Nick and Troy run for cover.

A gun fight ensues. Troy gets one of Walker's men. Troy saves Nick from Crazy Dog and gets a knife through the hand in the process. Nick and Troy take cover in an upstairs bedroom. Troy prepares for his final stand. The gunfight continues at the Ranch. Nick tells Troy he doesn't wanna die, but he tells him he backed the wrong horse. Troy insists they're at no point of return. He insists he is taking some back.

Nick attacks Troy and starts yelling out, "We surrender!" The two fight in the room until Troy gets his rifle again. The men are about to enter the room. Nick starts telling Troy the truth about Jeremiah, saying he was going to let everyone die. "He didn't kill himself," Nick said. "I killed him." Troy turns the gun to Nick. He ultimately drops it and hangs his head. Walker’s men barge into the room. The next day, Madison and Walker discuss punishments for Troy and Nick. Madison worries that killing Troy would only turn him into a martyr, so they agree to exile him. Madison forbids Walker from killing Nick or exiling him.

Jake tells Troy the punishment that's been handed down. Troy takes the news in stride and tells him Madison is the one who takes him into exile. Jake wants to go but Troy insists on Madison, who he trusts to protect him. Walker gives Troy provisions, a knife, a gun and one bullet, in case he doesn't want to live. A Nation warrior escorts Nick to an outhouse for imprisonment as Walker states he will suffer for what he did. Madison and Klah get in a truck to drive Troy into the desert. Madison parks in the middle of the desert. Troy gets a hold of Klah’s knife and stabs Klah, wounding him. Madison aims a gun at Troy and orders him to go. He wrestles her and reveals that he knows about Nick killing Otto. Madison regains control and points the gun at him. Troy walks off into the desert alone.

"The Diviner"[]

Nick awakens in his hot box and sees Troy approaching. He looks like a walker but rolls toward him and jokes with him. He gets close and starts talking to him about how hard it is to be in this box. They discuss Jeremiah's death again and Nick insists he saved Troy. He asks Jake to "Please, open it," and after toying with him he pulls out a key. "I owe you," he said. Troy finally opens the door. He kneels down and offers his hand to Nick. Nick reaches forward but realizes it was an hallucination. He is still locked in the box, while the real Troy is still out the desert.

"Brother's Keeper"[]

A short time after his exile, Troy kills a snake for food. He's been out alone for a while based on his dirty appearance. Troy is consumed by delusions brought on by hunger, dehydration, sleepless nights, and whatever venom was lingering in that rattlesnake he cooked up over a fireplace. He continues his important work of scribbling in his journal, walks deeper into his isolation. He finds Phil's body, who Walker fed to the crows much earlier, before exploring further. Troy comes upon a barn. He walks inside and looks around, scavenging for supplies. He eventually finds canned food and scarves it down before venturing to another part of the house, finding a frame message reading, "God help those who help themself." He opens the pantry door and smiles before heading outside.

He starts digging, night has taken over. He's keeping notes by a fire. The next day, he heads to a chair on the edge of mountain, gun in hand. He analyzes the gun and looks around. He stands up, points the gun in the air, and uses his only bullet to fire straight into the sky and attract a herd of walkers.

Later that night, he visits Nick in his house as Troy is waiting in the doorway, startling him. He won't sit down because he'll pass out but he says he is here to "return the favor" of saving him. He warns him of a "reckoning." He says there's a beast from the desert. "It's bigger than you can imagine," Troy said. "Biblical." Nick isn't interested, offering Troy the options to either sneak out or be hidden for a couple of days. Troy claims there is a third way. He closes the door and tells Nick this whole place will be obliterated in a few hours and he wants Jake to see it. Nick finds a way in, searching for Troy, but can't find him.

The next day, Nick and Jake confront Troy at the desert, They stop the truck and look at it. It's a massive herd of walkers. Nick radios to Alicia, and tells her the horde is coming. They devise a plan to move the herd away from the Ranch but Troy is leading them with explosives. Jake approaches Troy but Nick insists on speaking to him first. "You're not in your right head, man," Nick said. Troy has been leading the group for two days. Jake cocks his gun and asks Troy to stop but Troy says he loves that sound. Troy rises up and talks about how accomplished Jake always was. He is proud now, though, of the art he's created with this horde. He takes aim with his launcher and fires. Jake pins him to the ground and starts wailing on him.

Jake orders Nick back to the Ranch. Nick tells Jake not to kill his brother because he’ll never live it down. He mentions the rabbit screaming, and Nick tries to reason with him. He says he’ll never be able to live it down, which leads Troy to wonder if Nick is having trouble dealing with his own conscience. Jake wants to know what he’s talking about and Troy tells Nick to tell Jake the story. Jake slowly realizes what Nick did and though Troy tries to instigate the situation, Jake says he doesn’t care that Nick killed their father and that Alicia might have known. Jake says none of it matters and aims the gun at Troy. Nick uses the rifle to knock Jake out of the way, sending him rolling down the hill toward the Infected. Before Nick and Troy can get to him, Jake gets bitten, and with his brother in such a state of shock, Nick asks Troy how much time he has, but Troy's not sure, and Jake tells Nick to chop off his arm to contain the infection. Troy holds Jake's arm and Nick chops it off with his machete and Jake screams in agony.

Meanwhile, Nick races back to the Ranch in the pick up truck as Troy holds Jake in the back. He tells Troy to keep pressure on the arm until they make it back, but Troy is convinced that the Ranch is gone.

In the distance, Jake has succumb to his wound and dies. Troy kneels beside him. Troy says his brother wasn’t supposed to die. He looks stricken. His brother was “the one who wasn’t supposed to die.” Nick tells Troy that he needs to put him down. Troy had wanted his brother to see what he did. Nick drags him to the edge and shows him the attack on the Ranch, telling him that’s all on him. He radios Alicia but she doesn’t answer. Troy tells him to do what his brother should have done and kill him. Nick kicks a gun at him and tells him to kill himself.

All the while, Troy is left broken and raw by the weight of his sins. His brother’s head rests in his lap, and Jake awakens as a walker. Troy covers his brother’s eyes and slips a blade through Jake’s skull. He says he needs sleep but Nick insists they need to find a way to save everyone he tried to kill. "You can sleep when you're dead," Nick said.

"This Land Is Your Land"[]

Troy begins digging a grave for Jake. Nick tells him they don't have time and they have to save everyone Troy tried to kill with his walker horde attack. Nick wants to come up with a plan to rescue everyone. Troy wants to drive right through the dead but Nick insists there are too many. They will work around them. Nick and Troy devise a plan to direct the herd away from the pantry by blowing up the fuel reserve. They get in the truck and head toward the ranch.

Troy and Nick have stopped the truck. Troy plans to create a scene to draw the infected away. Nick steps out with his grenade launcher, firing a shot into the horde. The explosion claims a few and sends the rest walking toward it. Nick hops in the truck and Troy punches the gas. He plows through infected and laughs maniacally as walkers surround the helicopter. Nick is having a harder time. The truck rams into an RV and is quickly surrounded. Troy and Nick try fight their way out with a gun and a machete. They make their way to helicopter and close the doors, having narrowly made it. Troy is loving it and Nick finally shares a smile.

In the helicopter, Nick and Troy are completely surrounded. Nick starts trying to activate the rotors. Troy helps him and the rear rotor slices up a few walkers before turning off. Troy insists this is where they will die. Troy offers Nick a gun to kill himself as walkers overrun the chopper. They’re interrupted by a massive explosion. They are rescued by Madison, Strand and Walker. The five of them return to the ranch to rescue Alicia, Ofelia and Crazy Dog. Then, Alicia continues shooting walkers then starts killing them with her knife when she runs out of ammo. The doors open. Madison runs in with Strand, Walker, Nick and Troy. Alicia stabs Christine in the head.

In the distance, Troy and the group gazes upon the decimated ranch. Madison tells Nick that they are driving to the trading post and then to the dam. She gives a look to Troy. The group huddles and prepares to move on. Alicia asks Nick about Jake, only to learn he didn't make it. She asks how he died, Troy covers for Nick saying he got bit and he put him down. Alicia asks where the horde came from. Nick covers for Troy and says that Troy spotted the mass of walkers but was too late in warning them.

Alicia decides to leave the group, and tells Madison that she wants to find a way to live for herself that doesn't involve running from place to place in fear. She reveals a plan to live alone in the cabin that Jake told her about. Alicia leaves in a truck. Nick tells Madison he will meet her at the dam after he follows Alicia to make sure she reaches her destination safely. Madison tells him to take Troy. Alicia drives across the plain. Nick and Troy follow her at a distance.

"El Matadero"[]

Troy and Nick catch up with Alicia as she fires a warning shot before noticing that it’s them. Nick tries to tell her that her plan is crazy and she says that she almost died while surrounded by people. Alicia knows that it’s Madison who is talking. She knows Nick is trying to make up for what happened before they came to the ranch and she says she forgives him. Troy listens and sees their bond.

Troy goes to the truck while Nick begs Alicia to reconsider but she won’t. He prefers that she doesn’t die and she says she won’t. He gives her the map and gives her a hug while Troy starts the car and they drive off. She smiles when she’s alone. Troy asks Nick why everyone seems to hate him. Nick says that’s old news, and the only reason he stayed at the ranch was because Travis was dead and Luciana was sick. Troy calls him out and says he stayed because Nick loves him. He says they’re both black sheep but Nick wishes he wasn’t. Troy and Nick arrive at El Bazar, Nick goes to Madison while Troy stays at the bar, being freaked out by all of the Mexicans.

Troy asks the waitress what he’s eating, he doesn't understand her when she speaks Spanish, and Nick walks up and orders beer. Troy says he doesn’t drink, and Nick shows him the pills and says they need to get started. The waitress brings drinks back and Nick is smitten with her. She shuts him down but offers information about where he can find the man he's looking for. Nick takes a pill and downs it with a shot and insists Troy take his shot, too, as he owes him for saving his life. Troy agrees and they both drink a shot. Later, Nick is in the middle of a drug induced haze as he and Troy make their way to the Butcher. Neither one is sober. Troy follows him but isn’t sure what to think of all of this. Inside the Matadero’s private area, they go to the bar and the bartender welcomes his fellow Americans. He offers Nick a variety of drugs and Nick wants something more. Troy wants to leave, but Nick wants to go higher. He offers Nick a pure adrenaline gland for free. Nick downs it and he offers one to Troy, who realizes that they are all watching him. He downs it as Nick laughs.

Nick climbs the fence and Troy follows him. Nick tells him not to fight it. Troy spots a herd ahead and Nick gleefully kills an Infected and then smears it all over them, then he goes to face the herd. Troy watches as the Infected pass them by, and when he rejoins Nick, he tells Troy that he can’t go back to his mother. Troy hugs him as the Infected surround them without noticing them.

The next day, Troy and Nick go to Madison. She says they’re going to the dam. He tells his mom he wants to stay a few days with Troy and establish a foothold there. She doesn’t fight it and tells him to do what he needs to and that he know where to find her and she leaves.

"Things Bad Begun"[]

After learning that the Proctors are targeting Gonzalez Dam, Troy warns Nick and the two rush to warn Madison. When a plan is made to destroy the dam, Troy offers his help in laying charges despite Daniel Salazar's doubts.

While helping Madison set up explosives, Troy admits to truly caring for Nick, seeing Nick as a brother. Troy claims to have put behind him his father's death and Madison's role in it.

As the two finish, Nick arrives with the news that they must flee as the Proctors are coming. He also states that they can't warn Daniel as Daniel will kill Troy if he sees him. When Madison questions Nick's meaning, Troy finally confesses to leading the horde to Broke Jaw Ranch and shows no remorse for his actions. Enraged, Madison bludgeons Troy twice in the head with a hammer, killing him. Madison and the shocked Nick leave Troy's body behind as they attempt to flee.

"Sleigh Ride"[]

Troy appears in Madison's dream sequence.

In reality, Nick is horrified by Madison's killing of Troy and it begins to drive a wedge between Nick and his mother. Madison is later forced to admit that she killed Troy to Alicia.

When Nick blows up Gonzalez Dam, Troy's body is seen being washed out in the ensuing flood.


Troy was described, in advance publicity, as having a "wild temperament", someone who is suspicious of outsiders and who is "charismatic but with a cruel streak"; he is psychopath also lacks empathy and appears to enjoy murdering innocent people.


Season 3
Episode Appearance Status
Eye of the BeholderAppears
The New FrontierAppears
100Credit Only
Burning in Water, Drowning in FlameAppears
Red DirtAppears
The UnveilingAppears
Children of WrathAppears
The DivinerHallucination
La SerpienteCredit Only
Brother's KeeperAppears
This Land Is Your LandAppears
El MataderoAppears
Things Bad BegunAppears
Sleigh RideHallucination



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