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Tijuana is a city in the state of Baja California, Mexico. A sign for this city was first seen in the comic-con trailer for Season 2b.


Tijuana is a border city in Mexico, with it's metropolitan area and the metropolitan area of it's sister city of San Diego very nearly overlapping. The border crossing between these two cities has been described as the busiest border crossing in the world, with nearly 300,000 people crossing daily.[1].

The American servicemen call Tijuana, TJ for short, and the port-town has quite the reputation for debauchery in the military community[1]. Due to its proximity to San Diego, which is home to any number of Navy and Marine installations, the warfighter's given "shore leave" [2] , hop across the border, and make a weekend of it.


Not much is known about Tijuana after the outbreak began. It does not appear to have been affected by the bombing of San Diego, it is unknown whether or not the fifteen kilometer long border it shared with San Diego contributed in any way to the infections in Mexico.

Like the rest of Baja California, there is no military presence in the city, nor are there any police. The community of La Colonia is located in a former suburb of the city, and it sits on a hill overlooking the city. It is led by former pharmacist Alejandro Nunez, and the survivors have fortified their position.

The city was home to the 'Los Hermanos' gang, led by Marco Rodriguez. They seem to control most of the east of the city and have a supermarket (El Pelicano) under their control. The gang allows other survivors to gather food and water at El Pelicano as long as they are able to provide drugs to the gang. The gang is known for being ruthless and violent, and will not hesite to kill other survivors who may cross them.

After the residents of Los Colonia flee and Marco and the 'Los Hermanos' gang launch an attack on La Colonia, there are very few survivors in the city.


  • In the Fear the Walking Dead: Radio Waves podcast, an American DJ is broadcasting from a radio station in Tijuana. He is clearly drunk, but he is giving out survival information.



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