• Hi there! I'm Hollie, I'm an admin at The Walking Dead Wiki (and I was also a chat mod here when I was active!) I messaged your other admin a few weeks back and he told me to message you instead.

    I was wondering if your wiki would be interested in merging with our Discord server that we have for TWDW. We could help you set it up on this wiki and help bring the wikis closer together as they're both focusing on the same fandom, we already have a Fear discussion channel, and I notice this wiki doesn't have a Discord (that I can see!)

    Not many users over at TWDW use the chat feature of Wikia/Fandom anymore, and the Discord is a much easier and more customizable feature for the community to chat on! If you're interested, let me know! We could list this wiki on the Discord's upcoming promotion section and get some Fear fanatics into our midst!

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    • Hey Pastelhaxe. Sorry it took me so long to respond. Ill health. Yeah, I would be interested in merging.

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