This location is the makeshift military hospital run by Dr. Bethany Exner, operated under the 'control' of the National Guard

After Dr. Exner visits El Sereno, she brings Liza Ortiz back to the hospital as a nurse. Nicholas Clark is held in a cell here due to his addiction and Griselda Salazar dies here due to the injuries she received during the riots.

The outside of the building is has the letters RCC and a sign inside identifies it as the "Raynard Community College", a fictional community college in the El Sereno area of Los Angeles.

The location appears in the Season 1 episodes "Cobalt" and "The Good Man".

The facility seems to be well defended against conventional attacks from civilians-- high fences, guard towers, armed guards and locked doors that require key cards to open. However, Daniel Salazar, in order to rescue his wife, unleashes the two thousand or so infected from the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena against the fences. The outer fence was quickly brought down under the sheer weight of numbers and the facility was quickly abandoned in accordance with the rules of Operation Cobalt.


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