The Abigail is a large luxury, $10 Million dollar, yacht. Initially thought to be Strand's she turned out to belong to the Abigail family, in particular to Thomas Abigail, Strand's long term life partner. It is a location featured in the first half of Season 2.

We can survive on the Abigail for quite some time

The Abigail sets sail in the episode "Monster"

After being lost to Strand and Madison's Group midway through Season 2, The Abigail is discovered by Strand, derelict, overrun by the dead and washed up on a beach. Strand puts down the dead aboard the vessel (most of whom appear to be Mexican Navy); spends a night aboard; salvages some equipment, and weapons; then destroys her by setting her alight.

Locations Edit

There are several locations in The Abigail itself.

Abigail Diagram

Diagram of The Abigail, showing the locations within the boat.

The Abigail is a set rather than a functional boat. It was probably too expensive to buy or rent an actual boat to film in, they really do cost (upwards of) $10 million for a boat like The Abigail.

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The Wheelhouse Edit

Abigail 3


Abigail 4

Wheelhouse, view aft

Abigail 5

Wheelhouse, view forward

Abigail Comes to Life

The Abigail's wheelhouse, when Strand first starts the boat in "Monster"

This is one of the two places The Abigail can be controlled from, there are also controls on the Upper Deck

Upper Deck Edit

Abigail 1

Upper deck, view forward

Abigail 2

Upper deck, view aft

This is one of the two places The Abigail can be controlled from, there are also controls in The Wheelhouse.

Two versions of this part of the set were built, the version seen here which is atop the main boat set and a upper-deck-controls-only set, pictured that leads to the main boat set by the jetty, built at ground level to make it easier to film.

The Main Room Edit

Abigail 6

Main room, view forward

A fairly large sitting area, with enough seating for a full crew card game or tense, armed stand-off with armed boarders. And yes, Jesse McCartney, we're looking at you..

Dining Room Edit

Abigail 7

Dining room, view from starboard door

The Dining Room holds a large dinner table that can seat ten.

Crew Quarters Edit

Abigail 8

Crew quarters

Where Nick and Alicia sleep.

Engine Room Edit

Abigail 10

The engine room, view aft

I wonder how long The Abigail's engine room will stay this clean?

Staterooms Edit

Abigail 9

One of the staterooms

There are several large and very luxurious staterooms.

Swimming Deck Edit

Abigail 11

The swimming deck, view forward showing the zodiac in its "garage"

The Swimming deck is where you get on and off the Abigail when it's not docked. It's easy to step off into the sea or a small boat from here.

It's also easy to to get on The Abigail from here, just drive your boat up and step on, or swim up quietly.

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