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Watch, this here's the new real. Killshot, bitch.
— from "Pilot"

Student 1 is a character in Fear The Walking Dead. She first appears in the pilot episode, and is portrayed by Gavrielle Harris.



This girl is a Caucasian teenager who lived in Los Angeles and is enrolled as a student at Paul R. Williams High School. She is a classmate of Alicia.

Season 1[]


Student 1 is in a class with Alicia Clark, watching a social media video of an Infected person being shot, with her and another student. The teacher confiscates her phone just as Art Costa, the school principal, announces that school is closing early that day.

As the city of Los Angeles fell to the undead, her status remains unknown.


Season 1 appearances
Pilot So Close, Yet So Far The Dog Not Fade Away Cobalt The Good Man

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