Sherry is a character mentioned in the episode “Humbug’s Gulch.” She is the ex-wife of Dwight.

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Nothing is known about Sherry before the apocalypse, except she was married to Dwight.

Post-Apocalypse Edit

Season 5 Edit

Humbug’s GulchEdit


The Little PrinceEdit


Appearances Edit

Season 5
Episode Appearance Status
Here to HelpAbsent
The Hurt That Will HappenAbsent
Humbug's GulchMentioned
The End of EverythingAbsent
The Little PrinceMentioned
Still StandingAbsent
Is Anybody Out There?Mentioned
Channel 4Mentioned
210 Words Per MinuteAbsent
You're Still HereAbsent
Ner TamidAbsent
Leave What You Don'tMentioned
Today and TomorrowAbsent
Channel 5Absent
End of the LineAbsent


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