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Map of the Safe Zones in the LA Basin, 9 days after the fall of LA

The map shown above shows "Safe Zones" in the LA Basin area. With the exception of "India" (circled on the map), it's not known how many of the zones actually existed except in the minds of the planners or, if they did exist, how long they existed for.

The meaning of the third column in the table to the left of the map isn't clear.

Safe Zone India[]

The entrance to Safe Zone India

The Safe Zone in El Sereno, Safe Zone India, was created on the day the power failed, the day that Infected Susan Tran was put down. It's controlled by a detachment of the California National Guard under the command of an officer named Lt Moyers.

India is the only Safe Zone that was known to exist nine days after The Fall, other zones may or may not have existed and been functional. It is unknown whether or not the medical compound was counted as part of the safe zones.

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