Rubén Blades (Rubén Blades Bellido de Luna) portrays the role of Daniel in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead.

Ruben is an actor, singer, songwriter and a former Panamanian minister of tourism.

How would we behave if the world suddenly went to hell? Like what Columbus did with indigenous groups here. Would we question the existence of God? Morals are out, authorities out, everything is redefining like in war ... What do we do? What happens?
Here, you have a Latino family that’s not just facing what’s going around, but someone who has already gone through this in their place of origin, are now subjected to it again. They’re forced into another segment of the population that they’re not familiar with because they don’t know how these people are, they don’t necessarily like each other, but they’re helping each other. The pace has to be established. It’s not about killing zombies. It’s about what happened, and what are we going to do? What is acceptable? All of these existential questions are being discussed on the show. It’s entertainment, yes, it’s also an interiority that I found interesting. Nobody’s perfect, we all hide things, and maybe those things become visible that were not justified before and now you have to (step up) and do this. But can you?”
— Ruben Blades, [1]


Trivia Edit

  • Blades doesn't drive
  • He once ran for President of Panama. He served as Minister of Tourism in Panama from 2004 to 2009 .
  • Other interesting facts about Ruben Blades[2]
  1. Attorney
  2. Masters from Harvard University
  3. supports left-wing issues

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