The plane crash site is a recurring location in Season 5 of Fear the Walking Dead.


Before the outbreak, this field was located in a rural part of Texas. It is located near to the Texas Power Plant, Camp Cackleberry and what would become Clayton's Truck Stop.


The crash site is located in a wooded area 10-15 miles from one of what was to become Clayton's truck stops and is on the eastern border of the radioactive zone created by a power plant meltdown, though it was on the safe side of the border. To prevent people from crossing, Grace put up a fence in the field with a sign warning of high radiation.

After suffering engine failure on their way to help Logan, Morgan’s Group crash their plane in the field, knocking down Grace's fence. Having witnessed the plane crash, Max and Dylan check it out and help June treat an injured Luciana while Morgan, Alicia, Al and John fight off a massive herd drawn to the site by the crash, using their weapons and pieces of debris, particularly a broken-off propeller from the plane in Alicia's case. During the fight, Al encounters a strange walker that she impales on the plane's landing gear when she can't put it down. Though they manage to kill many walkers, more and more keep coming. Finally, Luciana is freed and as they prepare to fight their way out, Annie arrives in a Camp Cackleberry van. Annie drives the group out of the overrun field and to safety.

That night, convinced that there is a story in the strange walker, Al returns to the crash site. By the time Al returns, the herd has left the area and the only walker left is the one she is looking for. Al puts the man down and examines his body, telling the others over the radio that she was right about there being a story there before she is captured by another member of CRM.

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