Pictures courtesy of the Wall Street Journal and Adam Davidson. [1]

An insight into Adam Davidson's creative process as he planned the first scene, way in advance. Some interesting differences, and some real key moments that made it into the finished version.

Description Storyboard Picture
The initial opening shot for the scene were these extreme close up shots of Nick's eye. Note that the title of the series wasn't confirmed yet, it was still being referred to as Cobalt (which is now the title of a Season 1 episode)
BN-JZ077 ftwd1 EV 20150824114557

The first shot from this storyboard made it into Pilot pretty much unscathed. Note that the character is referred to as "Ian", rather than Nick.

The reverse shot, from the front of the church looking up at the balcony, either didn't get done or didn't make the final cut, a shame.

The third one sort of did... Nick moving right to leave the balcony, though it was shot as a continuation of the first shot on this board

BN-JZ079 ftwd2 EV 20150824114720

Nick moving down the staircase, much more detail was added for the final version. Rooms were looked into and checked and he found that blood covered piano.

The POV Pushing Down Hallway shot is there, it's just before Nick finds his first body.

BN-JZ081 ftwd3 EV 20150824114853
Again, the final version was done in much more detail, but we can see the key moments were already in Davidson's mind even at this early stage.
BN-JZ083 ftwd4 EV 20150824115226

And here's Gloria, hunkered down doing something we'd rather not see thanks (but we're going to see, obviously)

From the furniture in these drawings it looks as if these shots were moved into the main body of the church later on.

BN-JZ085 ftwd5 EV 20150824115350
"Ian" gasps... Very much as in the final version
BN-JZ086 ftwd6 EV 20150824115528
Nick scrambling backwards puts him at a real disadvantage as Gloria walks forwards BN-JZ088 ftwd8 EV 20150824115658

Looks like Gloria was a beautiful zombie right from the start.

Nick makes his escape from the room.

BN-JZ092 ftwd8 EV 20150824120736
The feel of these shots made it straight into the Pilot episode almost unscathed. BN-JZ089 ftwd9 EV 20150824120141

No car hits him, but we do get almost the first shot of the episode with an upside down view of Nick's head and shoulders

And then the tilt-up shot showing Nick on the ground being cared for and eastern LA.

BN-JZ091 ftwd10 EV 20150824120310

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