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Peter Dawson is a neighbour who lives next door to Madison Clark in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. He first appears in the episode "So Close, Yet So Far", and is portrayed by Noah Beggs.



Season 1[]

"So Close, Yet So Far"[]

We see Peter loading his car when the Clark family get back from the Sale home  where they've left Matt. Both Travis and Madison wave to him and he waves back, Peter is coughing, and they can see that he's sick.

That night Peter dies from the illness and beomes Infected. An infected Peter leaves his house, and after spotting Joanna Cruz he attacks Joanna who is unaware of the infection. Alicia witnesses Peter attacking Joanna at the front of her house, and tries to help her, however Madison shuts the door.

"The Dog"[]

Infected Pete put down by Daniel.

Peter Dawson is heard moaning in the background while the Clark family are playing monopoly. On the back door, a unknown thing is scratching on the door, thinking it is Peter Dawson, however Nick investigates, finding only a German Shepard. The dog instantly begins to bark, and when Nick looks out the window, he sees an infected Peter standing in the street facing the Clark home. The Clarks escape to the next house to find a weapon.

Alicia looking out at the street spotting an infected Pete.

Alicia spots Peter entering her house, and soon begins to attack and devour the dog. After Travis Manawa arrives back to the house, he finds Peter devouring the dog, and tries helping Peter, who begins to launch towards him. Daniel Salazar takes the shotgun the Clarks found, and shoots Peter in the face. Peter, in shock, does not die, and turns around revealing his face which has shot off. Daniel again shoots Peter, this time straight in the skull. Travis later buries Peter in the backyard.


Season 1 appearances
Pilot So Close, Yet So Far The Dog Not Fade Away Cobalt The Good Man

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