Entertainment Weekly’s Dalton Ross talked with Robert Kirkman and The Hollywood Reporter with with showrunner Dave Erickson. Edit

From the EW interview we learn that Lorenzo James Henrie will be playing Chris, schoolteacher Travis (Cliff Curtis’) son. Dalton Ross asks Robert about the dynamic and careers of the two main characters (“…this is a show about two people who are a team, and they do back each other up. They do love and respect each other…I think schoolteachers are on the front lines of a lot of things these days with kids and parents and families and all kinds of different elements of society”), the chronology of the show (“There are a lot of things on the news, there’s a lot of chatter and paranoia and concern. And yet the vast majority of the population is ignoring these things and talking about their daily lives, and that’s kind of where we pick things up”), what early walkers look like (“Greg Nicotero and his team have definitely come up with a very unique take on our early walkers”), and more.

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Over on The Hollywood Reporter, Lesley Goldberg talks with Dave Erickson about the show not being a prequel (“‘Prequel’ is not the right word; it’s kind of its own strange, hybrid thing. I wish I had a better word”), the connection to the CDC episode of TWD (“I won’t say that we would never go there, but as it was scripted originally, that was really a means to writing some connective tissue for the fans”), if the world’s will meet up (“If that were ever to happen, it would not be for seasons to come, and there’s no current plan to do so. But I do think there’s something compelling and interesting about it, too”), how many episode future seasons will be (“I think it’s a safe bet that if things go well, they’ll probably want more rather than less, but I’m not sure what that number’s going to be”), and more!

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