The National Guard is a reserve military force, composed of both full and part-time members, and is depicted in Fear. It's real world equivalent of the National Guard of the United States. Each state has its own National Guard, which may be deployed by the individual state governors. The California National Guard is seen in FtWD.

Appearances Edit

After this infection begins to take lives in Los Angeles, the National Guard are sent out to clear the infected people and quarantine those who have had contact with the infected blood to stop the infection from spreading. In "The Dog", the National Guard arrive in El Sereno, where they kill an infected Susan Tran, place her in a body bag then throw her body in the back of a cargo truck, along with many other bodies of the infected.

The soldiers paint an 'X', the FEMA coding system, on each house they search which shows various details in a standardised format, such who searched the property and what was found there. They also record all those currently living in the El Sereno neighborhood.

It is claimed that the guard are making advances into reclaiming Los Angeles - however, this is proven to be false as large parts of the city were overrun, with certain safe zones abandoned. The Los Angeles Memorial Stadium, and an unknown number of uninfected, was abandoned once the infected made their way inside and now houses two thousand infected (which Daniel Salazar later uses to overrun the military hospital).

However, elements of the guard begin to desert their posts. After being nearly overrun in the West View Library, the survivors abandon LA and state that they are withdrawing to San Diego.

In accordance with Operation Cobalt, whatever National Guard units that remain are withdrawn to an undisclosed safe location before Los Angeles and other major cities are bombed.


  • Despite their best efforts, they couldn't stop the infected from taking over L.A


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