♪ Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday, dear Gladys... Happy birthday to you. ♪
— Mr. Cruz singing to Gladys, So Close, Yet So Far

Mr. Cruz is a neighbor who lives across the road from Madison Clark's in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. He first appears in the episode "So Close, Yet So Far", and is played by an unidentified actor.



Mr. Cruz has a wife, daughter and pet dog. His daughter has her ninth birthday party on the day of the events shown in "So Close, Yet So Far".

Season 1Edit

"So Close, Yet So Far"Edit

Cruz Family

The Cruz family

We first see the Cruz family on the front lawn of their house after the Clark family get back from the Sale house where they've left Matt. Joanna calls across and invites them all to her daughter's birthday party as so many of her daughters friends haven't shown up. Mr. Cruz is seen playing with their German Shepherd in the background.

That night Alicia sees Peter Dawson attacking Joanna Cruz. Joanna appears to flee inside the house. Mr. Cruz and Gladys are presumable inside. Its most likely they were bitten and reanimated.

"The Dog"Edit

The Cruz family dog flees to the Clarke house, covered with blood, which had possibly come from one of the Cruz family members. Its assumed after they reanimated and was shot by The Militia After The Army went Through The Neighborhood.


Season 1 appearances
Pilot So Close, Yet So Far The Dog Not Fade Away Cobalt The Good Man

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