Back east, there was a fight-- a big fight... I didn't know how to make it stop. Good people died. I lose people, and then I lose myself.
— Morgan speaking about the war against the Saviors

Morgan Jones is a major character in the fourth, fifth, and sixth seasons. He is portrayed by Lennie James.

Morgan is a survivor from Georgia who traveled west in search of meaning in his life. In the fourth season, he arrives in Texas and finds various survivors, some from the Dell Diamond Baseball Stadium. Morgan ends up forming a group with them in order to help people.


Morgan was born and raised in Macon, Georgia in or around the 1960's (given his age). He met and married a woman named Jenny, and they had one child, Duane.


Some time after the apocalypse, Morgan and his family packed up and started heading for Atlanta, where FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) had set up a safe zone. Unfortunately, they never made it, as Jenny got infected in King County, Georgia. After Jenny's death, Morgan and Duane stayed on in King County, where they eventually ran into Rick Grimes. They stayed on after Rick left.

At some point after Rick left, Duane got infected. Morgan had a mental breakdown after loosing both his wife and son. When Rick met him again, Morgan was barley functioning. After Rick left for a second time, Morgan seemed to have improved somewhat and set out from King County. On his journeys, he met a former police phycologist named Eastman who taught Morgan the maxim that would be his life goal- to help others. After Eastman's death, Morgan continued on his journey, finally meeting up with Rick in Virginia.

After a massive fight, Morgan left Virginia, finally arriving in Texas where he finally meet the people who would form Morgan’s Group.


Season 4
Episode Appearance Status
What's Your Story?Appears
Another Day in the DiamondAppears
Good Out HereAppears
Just in CaseAppears
The Wrong Side of Where You Are NowAppears
No One's GoneAppears
People Like UsAppears
Close Your EyesCredit Only
The CodeAppears
MM 54Appears
I Lose People...Appears
... I Lose MyselfAppears
Season 5
Episode Appearance Status
Here to HelpAppears
The Hurt That Will HappenAppears
Humbug's GulchAppears
The End of EverythingAppears
The Little PrinceAppears
Still StandingAppears
Is Anybody Out There?Appears
Channel 4Appears
210 Words Per MinuteAppears
You're Still HereAppears
Ner TamidAbsent
Leave What You Don'tAbsent
Today and TomorrowAppears
Channel 5Appears
End of the LineAppears



  • Kirkman has confirmed that TWD (The Walking Dead) Season 8 will lead directly into FtWD (Fear the Walking Dead) Season 4, implying a large time skip for FtWD
  • Morgan's crossover was announced during the Talking Dead.


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