Miguel is a character in Fear the Walking Dead, appearing in the Season 2a episode "Sicut Cervus."

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Nothing is known about Miguel before the apocalypse except that he is an officer in the Mexican Navy. His shoulder boards (visible the picture) indicate a rank of Ship Lieutenant.

Season 2 Edit

After the apocalypse began, Miguel is part of a navy flotilla that patrols the coastal waters of Baja California as part of a military blockade. The main aim of the flotilla seems to be to prevent infected ships (or those refugees who cannot pay) from making landfall on the coast of Baja California , Mexico.

In the episode Sicut Cervus, he boards The Abigail as he is Strand's military contact. He is not alone, however. He is accompanied by Vazquez. He and his fellow officer receive the agreed sum from Strand and Luis Flores for crossing the boarder. After seeing that the boat is too big for just two people, they demand to see the rest of the boat. After a disagreement both officers are killed and Luis Flores is mortally wounded.

Miguel and Vazques approach the Abigail

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