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Michael McDonough is a Scottish cinematographer and director, best known for the 2010 film Winter’s Bone.

He is the Director of Photography on Seasons 1 and 2 of Fear and director of "Do Not Disturb" in Season 2.

Nominations: Independent Spirit Award for Best Cinematography

Adam Davidson chose him for the series and describes his choice like this.

The palette in the original is different than ours," says Davidson. "They have a lot of grays, browns, and greens. We’re taking place in urban L.A., which is very vivid. I wanted to use red as a story element. I didn’t bring in a DP who was schooled in the genre of zombies, I wanted to bring in a foreigner. Since I was from L.A., I wanted an outside eye, who could evoke a world, but also give characters the freedom to act. I didn’t want my actors to worry about landing on a mark. I wanted to get to the truth of the scene.

We had many discussions about what the feel of the light should be. When you live in L.A. for awhile, you actually retreat from the sun. You go to the shadowy place and pull the curtains. The light is always fighting its way in and creates shadows. To me, it’s part of the story, because the dark shadows are beginning to invade this world.
— Adam Davidson, [1]

Other Work Edit

  • Winter's Bone, Cinematographer, (2010)
  • Starred Up, Cinematographer, (2013)
  • Downton Abbey, director of photography - 1 episode, (2014)
  • Albert Nobbs, Cinematographer, (2011)
  • Sunset Song, Cinematographer, (2015)

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