Max is a recurring character in the fifth season. He is portrayed by Ethan Seuss.

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Almost nothing is known about Max before the apocalypse except he has a brother and sister, Dylan and Annie. Some time before the apocalypse, his father’s barbecue exploded.

Post-Apocalypse Edit

Season 5 Edit

"Here To Help" Edit


"Humbug’s Gulch" Edit


"Skidmark" Edit


"The End of Everything" Edit


"The Little Prince" Edit


"Still Standing" Edit


"Is Anybody Out There?" Edit

Max will appear in this episode.

Appearances Edit

Season 5
Episode Appearance Status
Here to HelpAppears
The Hurt That Will HappenMentioned
Humbug's GulchAppears
The End of EverythingAppears
The Little PrinceAppears
Still StandingAppears
Is Anybody Out There?Appears
Channel 4Absent
210 Words Per MinuteAbsent
You're Still HereAbsent
Ner TamidAbsent
Leave What You Don'tAbsent
Today and TomorrowAbsent
Channel 5Absent
End of the LineAbsent

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