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No one's gone until they're gone.
— Madison's last words

Madison Clark, also known as Maddie, was a major character in the first, second, third, and fourth seasons. She was portrayed by Kim Dickens.

Originally from Alabama, was a guidance counselor at the Paul R. Williams High School in El Sereno. Prior to the zombie apocalypse; she helped students prepare for their future. She brought up her two children after the death of her husband Stephen Clark in a traffic accident. [1]



Madison was described in the initial casting call as "a thirty-something single mom to two kids", and "looks like the girl next door, but there's an edge to her".[2]

Madison had a troubled relationship with her father, hitting him during an argument at the age of 13. Eventually, she shot and killed her alcoholic father when she was still a child because of how he beat her mother. The killing was not uncovered by the authorities.

She attended college and worked as a bartender to pay for her student fees. Eventually, she met and married Stephen Clark and got a job as a guidance counselor.

She was a single mother to her two children after the suicide of her husband Stephen Clark and had a miscarriage between the births of Nick and Alicia. She worked as a guidance counselor at Paul R. Williams High School and was said to be popular with the students. One of the English teachers there, Travis, was her fiance.

Like many others, the apocalypse brings up issues from her past that had been long buried, and that she now has to deal with. It has also brought out that "edge" in her; she is one of the people who can see the difficult decisions that are needed, now that the world has changed, though she's not always as quick to take those decisions.[1]


Her character is changing as time goes by. She puts down the headmaster (Art) of the school where she works, with some skill - after a slow start. She was willing to expel the remnants of Brandon's Group from the Rosarito Beach Hotel until Travis made that a moot point.

Season 1[]

Season 1[]


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So Close, Yet So Far[]

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The Dog[]

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Not Fade Away[]

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The Good Man[]

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Season 2[]

Season 2[]


Standing on the beach at Victor Strand's house, Madison watches bombs drop in the distance as she and Travis prepare supplies for transport to the Abigail. They also grab Chris who is sitting by his mother Liza's corpse, catatonic. The three are picked up by Nick on the Zodiac and head towards the yacht. The group watches as the military firebombs Los Angeles and the raging inferno engulfs the land.

The next day, the group spots a small skiff overflowing with at least 20 passengers. The passengers beg for help, and Madison pleads with Strand to rescue the skiff passengers, but he refuses. Strand tells Travis and Madison that he has set a course for San Diego in the hopes of receiving help from the Navy or border patrol. Madison appeals to Travis to convince Strand to save the skiff, but Travis agrees that they cannot take on additional passengers.

Madison urges Alicia to stop listening to the radio and get some rest. Alicia refuses.

Madison hears Strand talking in the wheelhouse and is surprised to find him alone. He explains that he talks to himself to stay awake. Later, she joins Daniel on deck to discuss Strand's motives as he had bags packed before the bombs started falling.

On deck, the group gathers around Liza's body as Travis delivers a eulogy and is shocked when Chris violently pushes Liza's body into the sea and storms off.

Madison comforts Chris and defends Travis, saying she would have killed Liza if Travis hadn't. "I'll never let that happen to someone I love," she says.

She helps set up for dinner when Daniel catches a large fish. During the meal she and the others rush after Chris when he jumps into the ocean. He explains he just wanted to swim. During this time, they come across the skiff again; only now it is shot up and the people are gone. Strand hears another radar alert. "It could be no one, it could be the ones who did that," he tells Alicia and Madison, indicating the shot-up skiff. Strand tells Madison that they need a head start if they are going to outrun the approaching boat, revealing that it is incoming at 25 knots — faster than the Abigail can manage.

Once the group returns to the yacht with the skiff's log book, Strand powers up the boat. Madison tells Travis that whoever shot up the skiff is coming back for them.

"We All Fall Down"[]

She yells at Nick for endangering himself by jumping in the water after the wreckage of the sailboat, but when Travis reads the log book, they realize that there's a problem. According to the log, the military has already burned San Diego to the ground. Strand proposes they hide from the fast-approaching ship by retreating to the coastline. Travis suggests Catrina Island, which has a ranger station that may offer supplies and a short-wave radio.

As the Abigail approaches Catrina Island, Madison sees a light flash inside a house. Her, Travis, Nick, Alicia, and Chris get off the boat. They approach the house that she saw from the boat. Harry Geary — the one from the beach — runs out to greet them. Travis introduces himself to the boy's father, George Geary, and asks permission to dock for the night.

Inside the house, George's wife, Melissa Geary, probes Madison about her job as a guidance counselor and asks if she ever worked with younger children. Melissa introduces Madison to her teenage son, Seth Geary. She begins to suspect her of something.

As they head back to the boat, Madison tells Travis that Melissa may have flashed the light on purpose. She speculates that Melissa wants to leave the island but is too scared of George to say so.

The next day, Madison tells Melissa that they are setting sail and asks if she had intentionally flashed the light to signal them. Melissa admits that she signaled them in the hopes that they would take Harry and Willa, since George and Seth are planning for the entire family to die together on the island.

Madison relays Melissa's request to Travis and insists they rescue Harry and Willa. "You're not taking them, Travis, you're saving them," she says. Travis reluctantly agrees to speak with George.

On the boat, Nick tells Madison and Travis that he found poison in George's office and predicts that George is planning on "Jonestown-ing" his family. They decide go through with taking the children with them.

They return to the Geary house to take Harry and Willa. Melissa is hurriedly explaining some of her children's quirks when George comes in. He angrily demands to know what is happening when the argument is interrupted by Harry. Something is wrong with Willa, he reports. Upstairs, Willa is found dead after ingesting the "power pills" from George's stash. Melissa cradles Willa, who opens her eyes, turns, and bites her. George agrees to let Travis take Harry but refuses to join them.

Travis' group sprints to the boat with Harry. Seth chases them down with his rifle and forces them to give Harry back. She watches as an infected Melissa walks toward the two boys on the on the dock, and Seth shoots Melissa while Harry's back is turned.


Madison and Travis start to make love in their state room. The boat creaks to a stop. Travis determines that the engine malfunctioned due to a blocked water intake. He says the problem will require him to look under the boat. Madison urges him to wait until sunrise, but Strand and Travis agree that they cannot waste time.

Alicia shows Madison a spot on shore that is littered with luggage from the plane wreck. Alicia, Nick, and Chris insist on going to shore to gather supplies. Madison and Travis refuse to let them go but Daniel offers to accompany them. Alicia, Nick, and Chris board the Zodiac. Daniel tells Madison that Strand is planning to sail to Baja California and asks her to question Strand about his intentions.

Madison hears a noise and sees blood emerge from the spot in the water where Travis was swimming. Michael's body floats to the surface after Travis plunges a knife through his eye socket.

Madison confronts Strand about his secret plans and demands to know what is in Baja. Strand reveals that he has a safehouse with food, water, and concrete walls in Rosarito, Baja California, but explains that he has precious little time to get there. She demands that he take the entire group with him. They cautiously make a pact to trust each other, but threatens to throw him overboard if her family gets hurt because of his actions.

Madison informs Travis of Strand's Baja plans and tells him the house is their best chance at survival. Travis balks at trusting Strand, but Madison argues that they have little choice.

Madison sees the herd through her binoculars and tells Strand they have to move. Travis removes the last bit of sludge and a severed hand from the filtration system and fixes the engine. Strand powers the boat up.

When Daniel and the kids return, Madison informs the group that Strand has invited them to join him at a compound in Baja with food, power, and water. Strand refuses to let Alex and Jake board the ship. She has mixed feelings about letting on board. Travis insists that they at least tow Alex's raft to San Diego. Alicia and Madison bring water and blankets to Alex and Jake.

Strand dashes outside and cuts the raft loose. Madison objects, but it is too late. The raft drifts behind as the Abigail cruises south.

"Blood in the Streets"[]

A raft with two men and a bleeding pregnant woman approaches the Abigail. Travis, Daniel and Madison rush upstairs and interrogate the strangers. Madison assists Vida, the pregnant woman, to a bathroom. When commotion arises, Vida smashes Madison’s head against a mirror then ties her hands.

Vida rejoins the group with Madison. Alicia tells Madison that Nick wasn’t in his bed. Reed tells Jack to find the portable radio with Alicia so that they can contact their leader, Connor. Alicia assures Madison she will fix the situation.

Daniel asks Madison to distract Vida while he loosens his bonds. Madison asks Vida about the pregnancy. As Daniel works his bonds, Madison asks Vida if the baby has been moving. She baits Vida by wondering if a dead baby would turn inside her belly. Vida threatens to shoot Madison.

Connor boards the Abigail with two other armed pirates and admires the boat. He invites Travis and Alicia to join his community but says he has no need for the others. He grants Alicia’s request to transport her family safely to shore. Alicia and Travis are taken away. Reed and the bodyguards stay behind to guard the remaining captives.

Luis shoots the pirates with a rifle from his raft, and Madison stabs Reed with the crowbar during the melee.

Onboard, Madison tells Nick and Luis what happened to Strand. Luis refuses to cross the border without Strand. On the Zodiac, Madison pulls up to Strand in the Zodiac and hoists him aboard and heads back to the yacht.


Daniel tells Madison that they can use Reed’s relationship to Connor as leverage over Connor. They locate Connor’s base by scanning the radar for a cluster of five boats. Madison steers the Abigail north. Luis orders Madison to turn the ship around, reminding her that they only have a small window of time to cross into Mexico. Madison refuses to abandon her family and asks Strand if she would’ve been better off leaving him in the water. Strand agrees to give Madison half a day to rescue Travis and Alicia.

Daniel advises Madison to let Nick and Chris help fight Connor’s group and urges her to stop treating them like children. Madison ignores his advice.

In the wheelhouse, Madison forbids Strand from sending Nick on any more errands. Strand argues that Nick knows how to survive and that he saw Nick’s potential within minutes of meeting him. Madison says Strand has never seen Nick in the throes of addiction and worries that Nick is using again. Madison forbids Nick from pulling any more stunts.

On the radio, Madison tells Connor that they’re holding Reed and will trade him for Travis and Alicia. Connor agrees. After signing off, Madison hears a gunshot. Chris has killed Reed. Madison comforts Chris. They overhear Luis complain that the trade is now dead. Chris realizes that he just destroyed any hopes of getting Travis back peacefully. However, Reed's brain remains undamaged. Daniel places a hood over Reed’s head.

Madison prepares the Zodiac. Nick insists on delivering Reed to Connor but Madison refuses to let him go. She leaves with Reed in the Zodiac.

On the pier, Madison hands Reed over to Connor. Connor’s men release Travis. Connor removes Reed’s hood and is immediately bitten by the Infected Reed. She and Travis then fight off the other pirates brfore heading back to the Zodiac. Madison sees Alicia on the ship deck who jumps into the water. Madison and Travis rescue her in the Zodiac and return to the Abigail.

"Sicut Cervus"[]

The Abigail approaches a Mexican flotilla that is guarding the border. Strand tells Madison to hide everyone below deck. From the engine room, the group listens to men's conversation with the two military officers. Gunfire erupts and the group carefully make their way upstairs. Strand steers the Abigail toward the Mexico coastline.

On land, Strand leads the group into town. They find a pile of dead parishioners in front of the church. A herd of Infected parishioners emerge and attack. Madison is overcome by an Infected and fights for her life. Chris watches her struggle from a few steps away and does nothing to help. Alicia screams at him and saves Madison herself. The group piles into Thomas’s truck and flees.

At Thomas Abigail's gated estate, Celia, Luis’s mother, greets them. A maid asks the group to check their weapons. Everyone complies.

Madison overhears a conversation between Nick and Celia. After Nick leaves, she warns Celia that Nick is impressionable.

Madison brings food to Thomas and Strand in their room. Thomas asks Madison to look after Strand when he dies.

Alicia tells Madison about Chris’s threat to hurt her if she told their parents about what happened at the church. Madison confers with Travis about Chris and worries that Chris is sick. Travis defends Chris and angrily wonders why Madison won’t offer the same support to Chris that he always gave Nick. Madison decides to sleep in Alicia’s room for protection while Travis sleeps with Chris.

Chris enters Alicia’s room and says Alicia’s name. He picks up a knife from the bedside table. A gunshot rings out, waking Madison and Alicia. Alicia sees the knife and screams at Chris. He runs outside.


She is present when everyone runs to Thomas’s room, where Strand has just shot Thomas in the head. Celia screams at Strand for shooting Thomas instead of allowing him to turn. Celia forbids Strand from burying Thomas and attacks Strand when he declares that Thomas wasn’t her son. Celia orders Strand and those he brought along with him to leave by the next day.

Madison tells Nick and Alicia to quietly pack supplies so that they can flee to the Abigail and escape Celia’s clutches. Alicia refuses to return to the boat. Nick defends Celia.

After Nick returns to the estate with an undead Luis, Madison confronts Nick about his fascination with the dead and asks if Celia told him to find Luis. Nick argues that Celia merely wanted her son back then offers to bring Travis back, as well. He tells Madison that the Infected will not touch him. “I will not die,” he declares.

Madison tells Strand that she’s worried about Nick. Strand is unsurprised that Celia was able to indoctrinate a young and vulnerable addict. He invites Madison to join him on the Abigail, but she refuses to leave without Travis.

Madison implores Celia to let Strand stay. Celia refuses and tells Madison that she must learn to accept the Infected just like Nick does. Madison asks Celia to help her understand. Celia takes Madison to the cellar and enters the cell to show Madison all of her infected present. Madison closes the gate, locking Celia in.

As Madison finds Alicia and Ofelia, a fire suddenly consumes the estate. Madison runs into the storage room and sees Jorge unconscious on the floor and leaves him in search of Daniel but leaves to save herself.

Strand pulls up in the truck and urges them to get in. Nick walks up to Madison and says he couldn’t find Travis. He suspiciously asks where Celia is. She doesn't answer. “She was right about us,” he says. “We destroy everything.” Strand forces Madison into the truck as Nick turns his back on her. They watch a blood-slathered Nick walk away untouched among the Infected as Strand and the women flee the compound.


Madison appears in a flashback, waves at Nick. They are taken to a private room, where in Madison tells Nick why his father isn't visiting; he died in a head-on collision. Nick breaks down and screams in grief. Gloria looks in the room and sees Madison hugging Nick.

"Los Muertos"[]

After searching for days for the others north and south of the compound Madison agrees with Victor that they need to go back to the Abigail for water and other supplies because they cannot keep scavenging. When the Abigail is missing from where they docked it, Madison, Victor, Ofelia, and Alicia go to an abandoned hotel for supplies and shelter. When Alicia goes off with Ofelia to scavenge supplies, Victor insist on making Madison vodka martinis to drown her sorrows. Victor acknowledges he missed the fact that Madison is a "southern bell" with her defenses down Madison shares details of her past with Victor including that she was originally from Alabama and she used to bartend to put herself through college.

It's not long before Madison calls out Strand's martinis as "bullshit" and she starts pouring them both tequila shots instead. As they drink and imagine themselves meeting back when the world was still the world, Victor confesses he would have flirted with Madison if he saw her alone at the bar and that he is simply "a seducer of people." Madison shares with Victor that Alicia may be right and that she'll never see Nick again, that her husband was a lost soul of sorts who may have actually committed suicide and that her son Nick is also a lost soul whose slipped further and further away from her since his birth. Madison says that despite the dark past she chose to spite the past and be a mother and that she chose wrong. When Victor tells Madison she is drunk, she insist she's not and continues to drink with Victor. She toast to "motherhood" , drinks and then smashes her glass. She gets another glass toast to "false hope" and smashes that glass. Victor plays the piano, while Madison continues to smash glasses after toasting to "family" and to "Nick". The noise attracts the infected to them. Though they try to fight off the infected Victor and Madison get trapped by the infected behind the bar.

"Do Not Disturb"[]

Madison appears at the end of the episode when her and Victor save Alicia, Elena Reyes and Hector Reyes from walkers. Madison and Alicia hug after knowing each other are both okay while Victor, Elena and Hector block the door from walkers.

"Pablo & Jessica"[]

In the bar of the Rosarito Beach Hotel, Madison and Strand fight off an Infected herd. Madison hears Alicia calling for her. She kills an Infected and opens its belly. She and Strand cover themselves in the Infected’s blood. Madison and Strand walk unnoticed among the Infected. They exit the bar and barricade the door behind them. Outside, they find the truck missing. Strand presumes Alicia and Ofelia fled to safety, but Madison argues that her daughter would do no such thing. Sitting down, she agrees that Alicia's independence is a product of her teaching. Madison and Strand take refuge inside the hotel’s spa building. They talk about rationing their water, but Strand convinces her to drink.

Madison and Strand hear a loud knocking sound. They follow the sound to a locked door and hear Alicia screaming for help on the other side. Madison breaks the lock with a fire extinguisher. Alicia, Elena and Hector pile out. Alicia tells Madison that Ofelia fled. Madison proposes they look for Ofelia, but Strand refuses. They take stock of their meager supplies. Elena says the main hotel has enough food to last for months but the wedding party guests now control everything. Madison and Strand stand in front of the hotel and call for Oscar, the groom. Oscar appears on a balcony and allows them inside after they drop their weapons. Madison and Strand meet with Oscar Diaz and Ilene Stowe, the mother of the bride. Madison proposes they join forces to make the hotel their home and secure it against Infected and enemies. Oscar agrees to help if they kick Elena out. Madison defends Elena, and promises they can all start over. She claims others will find the hotel, and the two groups could hold it together. Madison tells Oscar that her group will remove all Infected from the hotel with or without him. Oscar agrees and tells them to take the keys.

After the meeting, Madison and Strand predict that they will have trouble convincing Ilene. Strand admits to missing his home with Thomas. He agrees to help with the hotel, but says it's not his home. Elena brings Madison, Alicia and Strand to a foyer that connects all three sections of the hotel. They devise a plan to channel all the Infected into the foyer and onto the pier. They open the door and begin. Outside, the others are starting fires with all of the bodies. Alicia acknowledges that these people have taken her mother's lead. They've finished one floor from the three hotels, but Madison notes that it is necessary.

As they look over the ocean, Madison apologizes for her lack of raising Alicia. Alicia assures her mother that she didn't do anything wrong. As the music picks up, Alicia walks into the water. She is examining the underside of the bridge as her mother calls. Alicia states that they don't have to put down the walkers and points to the riptide notice on the bridge. They realize that they can use these tools to their advantage. At the hotel, Madison has just outlined a plan for the pier trap. After being told she would be in the boat, Alicia insists she would be better on the pier. Alicia starts to cry as she tells Madison about the walker she thought was her mother. Madison says they will never lose each other, and Alicia leaves for her position. Outside, the group is making noise at the zombies. Using her phone, Alicia plays music to draw them out. Strand is inside with Elena, releasing all of the zombies from their rooms. Madison is doing the same in the lobby. With pots and pans, they all lead a large group of the dead toward the back of the hotel. Alicia and Hector are late, and they worry the others.

The entire group leads the zombies out onto the pier, Madison remains the closest to the herd. After Alicia calls to her, Madison drops her pans and jumps into the water. She swims to the boat, and the zombies all begin to follow into the water. Madison’s group and the party guests feast at a large dining table in the hotel. Noting Oscar’s absence, Strand asks Elena where the honeymoon suite is located.

"Pillar of Salt"[]

At the hotel, it has been ten days since the arrival of Madison's group. United with the wedding guests, the survivors work together to secure the hotel and build a refuge; they fortify the front gate, till a new garden, fish off the pier, and Madison and Elena power the generator. Strand makes drinks at the bar and cheers to Thomas. In Elena's room, Madison, Elena, Strand and Alicia make survival plans. A knock on the door is answered by Strand and Ilene stabs him. She runs off as Strand collapses. Madison tends to Strand's wound in bed. Oscar brings over Andrés Diaz, a medical school student. Andres examines Strand's wound and says he needs a suture kit, antibiotics, and erythropoietin. Elena suggests a place that might have such medicine. Madison tells Oscar that Ilene must remain locked up indefinitely. She also declares that, going forward, anyone who harms anyone else at the hotel will be banished. Everyone agrees. Madison, Elena, and Oscar get in a van to drive to El Pelícano, Hector and Elena argue before the two women get in a truck and drive off.

Later, Madison asks Elena what the fight with Hector was about. She says Hector has never forgiven Antonio Reyes for choosing the gang over his own family. Madison tells her not to give up on him. Madison, Elena, and Oscar arrive at El Pelícano with a cooler. Elena tells the guards that she has something for Antonio. They allow Madison and Elena to enter. Madison and Elena give Antonio a cooler full of fish and ice and request the medicine for Strand in exchange. Antonio asks if they can provide more ice. Elena agrees. Antonio tells them to wait. Meanwhile, they hear Marco Rodriguez yelling in an upstairs office. Madison and Elena overhear Marco's interrogation. Madison asks Elena to translate for her and runs upstairs when Marco describes an American with "ratty hair" who delivered drugs to them.

Madison bursts into the room and asks if they're talking about Nick but Francisco forbids Ana from answering. Marco orders them out. Antonio gives them the medicine and tells them to stay away, saying they won't be at the supermarket much longer. Madison, Elena, and Oscar return to the hotel after dark. Madison runs to the generator and turns it on, lighting up the hotel sign in the hopes of signaling Nick. Alicia warns Madison that people will see the sign from all around and accuses Madison of thinking more about Nick than her, accusing Nick of choosing what's out the world over them. Alicia insists that she never left Madison and questions why that isn't enough.

"Date of Death"[]

A mass of desperate survivors arrive at the gate of the Rosarito Beach Hotel after spotting the neon sign that Madison flashed the previous night. Madison, Alicia, Elena, Oscar, and Hector stand guard, refusing entry. Madison sees Travis in the crowd and fights to let him in. Madison opens the gate for Travis, but keeps the other survivors out. Travis and Alicia stand on a balcony. Madison offers him food but he rejects the offers. He asks where Nick is and Madison tells him that he ran off like he always does. She has an idea of where he is: in Tijuana. Travis tells her he is sorry before she asks where Chris is. This makes him a bit distraught before he walks back inside to sit on the bed. She follows him in. He tells her, "I had no choice."

Travis finishes his story saying that he spent two days afterward searching for the ocean before seeing the hotel's lights. Madison assures Travis that he didn’t have a choice and reminds him that Chris is still out there. Travis regrets not telling Chris that he loved him when they parted ways. Madison holds his hand. Madison later goes to the parking garage and finds it filled with survivors. Andres explains they let in 43 survivors in and are examining them for infection. They have a plan to evaluate who is a threat. Alicia is evaluating folks and their wounds to make sure there are no infected in the bunch. She steps out to talk about Travis and Madison asks her to take a walk to the pier.

On the pier, Madison tells Alicia there's something she didn't say and something she needs her to understand. Madison tells Alicia that her father's accident wasn't an accident. She thought she was doing the right thing by telling them he fell asleep at the wheel when in reality he committed suicide. Alicia questions how she can be certain and she reveals that there was a note. Alicia asks what it said. Madison tries to dodge telling her but Alicia insists. "I love you all but enough's enough," Madison says. Alicia asks if Nick knows and Madison tells her that Nick is the reason she kept it a secret. She talks about the similarities between Nick and his father. She takes Alicia's hand and tells her that she was afraid of Nick ending up like his father and that Alicia deserves more. She never loved Alicia any less than Nick, she just thought she was alright. Alicia tells Madison, "I love you, too." as they hug.


At the hotel, Travis wakes up to see Madison sitting in front of him. She's been there all night, thinking. Madison tries to assure Travis that he did everything he could for Chris and he kept his promise to Liza. She will continue to remind him until he believes it and when he's ready he should come downstairs to be with the rest of the group. Madison checks in with Alicia, who is taking care of survivors in the parking garage. Alicia expresses her disdain for Brandon and Derek, who are loudly disparaging the Mexican patients and complaining about Brandon's dislocated shoulder. Madison tries to quiet Brandon and Derek down. She asks what happened and learns that Brandon hurt his shoulder in a car accident after they let their 16-year-old companion, a kid from Los Angeles, drive without a license. They say the driver died in the accident. Madison deduces that they are the men who Chris joined up with.

Madison tells Strand that Brandon and Derek are in the parking garage and that she suspects Chris is dead. Strand discourages her from telling Travis, as it would destroy the only thing that keeps him going. It's the same hope Strand lost when Thomas died. Madison agrees that the news about Chris would break Travis. Madison plains to secretly exile Brandon and Derek. In the parking garage, Madison tells Brandon that Andrés will require privacy to fix his shoulder. As they escort Brandon and Derek away, the other survivors complain that Americans are receiving preferential treatment. The crowd becomes unruly. Travis hears a commotion outside and sees a mob of survivors following Madison as she escorts Brandon and Derek to the gate. He runs outside and demands to know where Chris is. Travis and Madison take Brandon and Derek to the hotel cafe.

After Andrés fixes Brandon's arm, Travis interrogates them about Chris. They explain that they were tired from avoiding bandits, and Chris offered to drive the truck so that they could catch up on sleep. When he veered off the road, the truck rolled, Chris was thrown from the truck, and died on impact. Travis asks where Chris was buried, and Derek says they pulled him from the wreck and buried him under a tree. Travis notices discrepancies in the two stories. He locks Madison and Oscar out of the cafe and begins to get physical with Brandon and Derek, demanding the truth. Brandon admits that Chris survived the wreck but suffered a leg injury, so they shot him dead in the road. "We had to," he pleads. Travis savagely beats Brandon and Derek to death, smashing heads and breaking limbs, Madison watches helplessly, as she yells at Travis to stop. During that, Travis unintentionally smashes Oscar's head with a door.


Travis sits dazed on the hotel cafe floor after killing Brandon and Derek. Madison rushes to him after they unlock the door. Hector and Elena haul Travis away and remove Oscar, who is unconscious after Travis attacked him to prevent him from interfering. Madison tries to defend Travis, but Elena points out that he killed two men and badly hurt Oscar. Madison wants them to stop but Strand insists she calm down. Madison takes Alicia's knife and goes back inside and stabs Brandon and Derek through the head. Strand tries to dissuade Madison from speaking up for Travis, who Elena wants to banish. Alicia and Madison decide to leave the hotel together with Travis. Strand refuses to join them, and questions why Madison would leave for the man who abandoned him. He already chose not to kill himself with Thomas, so he's not going to die for Travis or any of them.

Madison talks to Hector and Elena about Travis, asking for the night and then they will all leave. Madison wants Travis to be freed from his holding in the mean time and, after a discussion, Hector is reluctant, but Elena owes her a favor and allows them to stay one night, then leave in the morning. Madison sends Alicia to check on Oscar before walking in to talk to Travis. She tells Travis that he has to leave and she's going to leave with him. He insists Madison is safe here but she won't change her mind and invites Travis to wait the night out with her. That night, Madison joins Travis on the balcony of their hotel room and assures him that Brandon and Derek deserved their fate. She says that she too killed someone, Celia, in order to protect Nick. Madison understands why he killed and will understand why he will in the future because they will have to in order to survive.

Hector and Andrés barge into Travis' room and starts beating him. Madison tries to stop them but Andres draws a gun and points it at Travis. He tells her Oscar is dead and refuses to let Travis live. Suddenly, Alicia stabs Andres. A fight ensues and Strand grabs Andrés' gun and orders everyone out. "We need to run," he says. They leave as Alicia sees Andres dying on the ground. They head out and Victor tries to keep up, holding his side. Travis, Madison, and Alicia pile into a car outside the hotel. Strand gives the gun to Madison and stays behind. Travis accelerates and plows through the front gate.In the back of the truck, Alicia struggles with what she did and Madison, proud, tells her she'll be okay. Travis and Madison arrive at a broken down building, seeking shelter. It's the supermarket. They go inside, looking for the leader, but it's empty. They discover the bodies of Francisco's family in the back of the empty market, bullet wounds through their heads. They find Francisco's driver's license with his La Colonia address.

Madison, Alicia, and Travis arrive at La Colonia and see all of the dead. Madison and Travis move forward to check things out, telling Alicia to stay back. They encounter a large herd of infected, including Marco and his gangsters. Madison and Travis find Alicia on the bus, tending to a dying Alejandro Nuñez. Madison tells Alejandro she's looking for Nick. Alejandro informs Madison that Nick went to the border because he saw something, but dies before he can mention the camp. Alicia hands Madison her Balisong. Madison closes Alejandro's eyes, turns his head to the side, and drives in the blade, preventing him from reanimating. Madison turns her attention back to the search for Nick.

Season 3[]

Season 3[]

"Eye of the Beholder"[]

Madison, Travis, and Alicia are escorted by a military group down a path surrounded by dead bodies. A gate opens and they are brought into an area labeled as a restricted military base. Travis is separated from the group, yelling back to Madison that he will find her. Alicia and Madison drive one way while Travis goes another, each in cars with soldiers. A massive military base is revealed. Inside the facility, Alicia and Madison search for weapons or an escape route. Alicia insists they shouldn't have been looking for Nick. Troy Otto, the soldier in charge at the depot, enters a locked office where Madison and Alicia are being held. He offers them tea and seems hospitable, until he starts interrogating them. Madison explains to Troy that she’s looking for her son, Nick. Madison then demands to know where they’ve taken Travis. Troy avoids answering, but promises to let them go once he’s finished “processing” them. He shows particular interest in Madison, before exiting.

Madison searches the office for a weapon. Alicia gives her a knife that she hid in her boot before they were taken prisoner. Madison tells her that she is willing to kill if necessary, but that it will be her doing the killing, not Alicia. In the office area, Madison and Alicia sleep on the couch and chair while Troy writes notes beside them. Troy says they passed the processing but Travis has different criteria. "I'm not a bad person," Troy insists. Madison asks if he Travis is dead and Troy asks if it would hurt her if he was. She says she loves his life more than her own. Troy tells Madison that they’re getting ready to evacuate the depot. He offers to release Travis if she and Alicia travel home with him. They hear a gunshot outside. Troy runs out of the office and locks the door behind him.

Troy returns to the office and Madison attacks him with the knife, but Troy knocks the weapon out of her hand. She grabs hold of a spoon and plunges it into his eye socket, nearly gouging his eye out. Madison tells Troy if he tries to break away he will lose his eye. Madison yells for Alicia to find Travis and a vehicle. Madison drags Troy outside, holding the spoon in his gouged eye, as armed soldiers surround them. Troy tells the soldiers to back off. Alicia hides in a truck as the soldiers pack for the impending evacuation from the base. Jake Otto, Troy’s brother, arrives and urges Madison to release Troy. He acknowledges that Troy probably brought this on himself, but she’s surrounded and has no where to go. Madison releases Troy who lunges for her but is subdued by Jake who demands to know where Madison’s family is. Jake insists he will help find her family as Troy admits that Travis is in the pit. Meanwhile, Troy brings Madison to the pit, where they find an exhausted Travis surrounded by brained Infected and covered in blood. He climbs out of the pit and attacks Troy, but is quickly restrained. Alicia is brought to Madison, followed by Nick and the Clark family reunites.

Jack tells Madison and Travis about his father's ranch and insists they had that way. He says Troy is the only man who has bad intentions. Madison rejects the offer and demands their guns back. Madison thanks Travis and apologizes to him for the loss of Chris. "I'm here. You're family's here," she said. Travis tells her, "We're gonna be back in it, soon. I'm okay now. I'm with you." Though, he is acting quite disconnected. Jack pleads with Madison to come with her. They hear a gunshots before noticing a herd Nick and Luciana encountered have emerged from the sewer and breached the barracks. The compound has been compromised, and chaos ensues. Madison and Nick fight the infected, while Travis and Alicia help Luciana Galvez into a helicopter. Troy arrives in a truck and urges Madison and Nick to hop on board. The helicopter takes off with Travis, Alicia, and Luciana while Madison and Nick depart in a truck with Troy. Troy tells Madison that they’re all going to the same destination.

"The New Frontier"[]

The next day, Troy blasts heavy metal music as he drives Madison and Nick to his father’s ranch. Madison keeps her guard up, still leery of Troy and his motives. Eventually the caravan pulls up to Broke Jaw Ranch. A guard tells Troy that Jake never arrived. Troy orders Madison and Nick to get out of the truck. He drives inside the gate, leaving Madison and Nick outside looking in. Nick suggests they backtrack and find the rest of their group, but Madison insists they stay put in case the helicopter arrives. She reveals to Nick that she stole a gun off the truck and tells him they can protect themselves if they have to. Nick refuses to stay at the ranch, but Madison reminds him that this is their best shot at medical treatment for Luciana.

Troy’s father, Jeremiah Otto Sr., introduces himself to Madison and Nick and orders the guard to let them in. Jeremiah shows Madison and Nick around the ranch and explains that he initially started the camp to prepare for the fall of democracy. Madison is critical of Troy, but Jeremiah defends his son’s behavior by stating that he was just carrying out his mission at the depot. Sensing Madison and Nick’s hostility, he points out that most people would be grateful to be at the ranch. Jeremiah brings Madison and Nick to their bunkhouse and leaves them with a key. Nick grumbles about Madison being nice to Jeremiah after his son tried to kill them. Madison admits that she doesn’t have a plan yet, but they should play nice while they bide their time.

When Jake's group arrives, Madison joyfully reunites with Alicia. She looks for Travis, then falls to her knees with grief upon realizing that Travis is dead. Nick finds Luciana and tries to wake her up. Troy is quick to say that Luciana won't make it and wants to put her down. He orders Nick to move aside, so he does, but then offers to do it himself. Nick gets the gun and stares down at Luciana before pointing it at Troy. Everyone draws their guns on him. Nick orders Luciana be allowed inside. Jeremiah steps between the two men. He offers to let Luciana in if she has a pulse. Nick hands over the gun and Luciana is escorted to the infirmary. Madison grieves in private over the death of Travis. Jeremiah finds her, offers his condolences, and then gently asks her to register the gun that she stole from them. She signs out the gun in his log book. Madison tells Nick and Alicia that they’re going to make the ranch their home, even if that means they must take it over. Alicia objects, syaing that such a thing is insane, but Madison disagrees. "It's our fate." Madison tells them, "We're going to stay here. We're going to make it our home, even if we have to take it over." She says it is their fate. "Travis died getting here," she says. Madison demands to know exactly how Travis died.


Madison, Nick, and Alicia attend Charlene’s memorial at the ranch. Sensing hostility from members of the community, Madison introduces herself to the ranchers and thanks them for taking her family in. She offers condolences to the little girl. She begins telling everyone about the loss of Travis, calling him their compass, and thanking them for their generosity. In line at the mess tent, Madison and Alicia are getting food, and a man accuses them of being freeloaders. Alicia can't understand why people are harassing them instead of Troy. Gretchen Trimbol, a young rancher around Alicia’s age, introduces herself to Madison and Alicia, then invites Alicia to Bible study. Madison nudges Alicia to accept the invitation.

Madison walks into her room to find Troy sleeping in one of the beds. He says he liked her speech and how she said the name, "Travis." He accuses her of reminding everyone that she is a victim, too. He asks what she did in the old world and she tells him she was a guidance counselor. He never attended high school. He says everything he does is in service to this place. He says her understanding of how brutal this world is and says that he picked her, not Nick, to join his community. Madison insists Nick will earn his keep, and orders Troy to make the bed before he leaves. In the bunkhouse, Madison assures Nick and Alicia that they can win over the minority of people who don’t want them at the ranch. She also warns them to stay away from Troy. Nick insists they start over elsewhere, but Madison refuses to leave the relative safety of their new home.

In the house, Jake gets concerned with about not hearing back from a squad that investigated the crash. Madison walks in and asks Jeremiah to protect her family from Troy and other hostile community members. She goes as far as threatening to expose Troy’s twisted experiments at the fuel depot. Jeremiah refuses to tell people how to behave, but offers to teach her the culture of this ranch. He asks Jake to show her his video lectures.

Jake sets Madison up to watch Jeremiah's old video tapes. He promises to protect her family from Troy. Madison tells Jake she wants to find whoever shot down the chopper. He understands her desire to know who killed Travis. Madison discovers a collection of outtakes from Jeremiah’s commercial. In the video, Jeremiah fights with his drunk wife and yells at a young Troy. She turns off the video when Jeremiah walks in the room. Jeremiah explains that Jake and Troy are children from two different marriages. He admits that he and his second wife were alcoholics and that Troy took care of his mother towards the end of her life. Madison informs Jeremiah that Nick is an addict. Jeremiah understands, having battled his own issues with alcohol. Jeremiah offers to show Madison why he tolerates Troy.

Jeremiah escorts Madison under the house, showing her "the pantry" which is loaded with guns and supplies. He explains that he “broke” Troy in the old world, but that Troy now has a purpose in the new world. He has the killer instinct needed to survive. Madison pledges to help rebuild in Jeremiah's new world. Madison visits Luciana in the infirmary and asks about her wound, which is getting better. Luciana thanks her for waiting for her to heal before they leave. "I'm sorry for Travis," she said. "He saved my life." Madison insists he was a good man who saved them all.

In the cafeteria, Madison sees Jake and Jeremiah talking. They look a bit concerned, prompting her to feel the same. Jeremiah announces to the community that it’s been 36 hours since they dispatched a unit to investigate the chopper attack. He asks for volunteers to accompany Troy on a search mission to find their men. Madison volunteers. At mealtime, Madison sits next to Troy instead of eating with Nick and Alicia. She lays out a napkin on Troy’s lap.

"Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame"[]

Madison, Nick and everyone wake up to some startling noise. They rush to investigate and find the burning house. Jake is dishing out orders, calling for more water. Nick joins the ranchers as they fight to put out the fire. Jeremiah steps forward and orders them to stop, the people inside are gone. "Save the water, let it burn," he said. The next day, Nick and Alicia try to dissuade Madison from joining Troy on his mission to find the missing team that went to investigate the downed chopper. Madison ignores their advice and leaves with Troy.

Meanwhile, Madison, Troy and his team arrive at their destination. Troy insists they don't use guns because they're too loud. The group approaches a bunch of infected wearing orange prison jumpsuits next to a crashed bus. Troy is first to start killing them, apparently enjoying it, with Madison quickly joining in. She finds herself pinned beneath two infected before long with one soldier shooting one down before she uses a knife to kill the other. Troy continues to massacre the dead as though it were an art form until they're all eliminated. "That's a beautiful thing," he exhales. Troy’s team eliminates the Infected, giving Madison a chance to prove her fighting skills to Troy’s men. The team arrives at the helicopter crash site only to discover that whoever shot it down dragged it away. They find shells from a gun owned by Phil and deduce that Phil engaged the assailants before retreating to his outpost.

Troy’s team drives to the outpost. On the way, Troy and Madison talk about those they lost. Madison confides that seeing the place where Travis died shook her. She wonders if Troy grieved for his mother after she died. Troy declares that dead people are dead. Troy’s group arrives at the outpost to find a pile of charred bodies. They discover Phil McCarthy, partially scalped and babbling nonsensically as a crow pecks at his exposed brain. Horrified, Madison stabs Phil in the head, and insists they leave. Before the militiamen can move, a Native American man named Qaletaqa Walker confronts them with his soldiers. Walker orders Troy and the rest to drop their weapons and they comply once they realize they are surrounded by Walker's men. He then tells the group he will be taking all their weapons, their vehicles and their boots and that the time for justice has come and Troy and his people must abandon the ranch. Troy refuses and Qaletqa threatens that he will feed them all to the crows (like McCarthy) if they do not leave.

Madison demands water from him in order to allow them to return to the ranch to deliver his message and after introducing herself, Walker tells her that she bought into a lost cause and Madison tells him it became her cause when he and his people shot down the helicopter that killed Travis. Troy’s group makes their way back toward the ranch without their shoes and weapons. Madison insists they take a break, but Troy orders his men to keep walking. When Madison challenges him, Troy pulls her aside and says she’s not his mother. Madison speculates that Troy’s mother must have hated him. As Troy reels from her words, Madison asks the team if they want to rest. Everyone raises their hands. Troy begrudgingly allows his militia to rest until dawn. Madison wakes up in the middle of the night to find Troy holding a knife to her neck. She urges him to be a better man. He relents and withdraws the knife.

"Red Dirt"[]

Madison and Troy’s team arrive, who all have bloody feet from walking without shoes. Troy pushes on and walks in. Alicia and Nick give Madison water. Jeremiah requests a private debrief, but one of the ranchers, Vernon Trimbol, insists Troy's team share their findings with everyone. Mike Trimbol announces that a group of Native Americans slaughtered Phil McCarthy and the others from the outpost. Troy tries to keep everyone calm saying they can handle the situation but Mike cracks and blurts out that they're all going to die if they don't leave.

Madison, Jeremiah, Troy and Jake discuss a course of action. Troy is being scolded by Jeremiah for leading the group to a bad situation. Madison defends him. Troy insists they fight Walker, but Jeremiah believes Walker is bluffing. Jake suggests they negotiate with Walker and points out that he beat Walker in court when Walker filed lawsuits in the past. Madison asks if they stole Walker’s land. Jeremiah maintains that the ranch was sold to his forebears. Madison insists this man is a threat. Jeremiah sends Jake to talk to Walker, armed with threats, before storming out of the room.

Madison and Alicia take care of Madison's feet. She is in a lot of pain as they care for her. Nick reveals that Luciana left. Madison sits on her bed as Alicia is heard shooting in the distance. Gretchen Trimbol walks in and asks for Alicia. Madison tells her she's busy and asks about Mike and Gretchen reveals that Mike credits Madison for saving his life. Her entire family is scared of this new threat. Her father helped create this place and he is scared enough to want to leave for a colony in Colorado. She says he's telling other ranchers about his plans. Then at night, Nick walks outside. There are fires lit all around the Broke Jaw Ranch. The community is scared and huddle together. Jeremiah looks on from his balcony. The next day, the fires have burnt out. Madison, Jeremiah and Jake examine the charred wood. Jeremiah insists that if Walker was going to come, he would have, but he isn't capable of taking the place over.

Moments later, Jeremiah is approached by Madison, experiencing a migraine. Vernon Trimbol approaches and wants to have a word. He starts by recalling the long-lasting friendship and says his priority is his family and to protect them he will leave. Jeremiah encourages him to leave if that's what he wants. Troy asks if Mike is going, too, and Vernon says, "My family's leaving Troy!" Jeremiah says men have kids and it turns them into women. Madison encourages him to provide a reason to stay and Jeremiah thinks he offered enough already.

Troy charges toward the gate and insists they keep it closed. He tells Vernon to open to the door. They refuse. Troy approaches and insists they can't leave with Ranch property. They have Ranch gas and supplies. Jake tries to stop him but they ultimately get into a fight. Jeremiah rushes in and punches Troy as a result and Madison breaks it up. The gate is opened and Vernon's family leaves with Gretchen waving farewell to Alicia. In the armory, Troy preps weapons. Madison approaches and asks if he is going after his family. He's not. He explains that all he ever had in his life was this place. Troy is struggling to accept how Mike and Vernon quit on this community, and explains that Mike was his loyal childhood friend. Madison insists they were just doing what they thought best for the family and that she will help prevent any one else from leaving. Madison looks on, as Troy gathers a small militia in the pantry and charges them with defending the ranch.

Madison catches Alicia sneaking around from Jake's. Madison questions Alicia about her relationship with Jake, but Alicia insists it is nothing serious. Madison reminds Alicia how important it is not to get pregnant before Alicia reveals that she like him, but does not love him. In the morning, Madison, Nick and Jeremiah leave the ranch on a pickup to search for Vernon's family on the road. Madison reasons that the horse may have escaped on its own but Jeremiah predicts that the Trimbol family is dead. They exit their truck having found Vernon's RV. It's been shot and ravaged. There is a zombie slamming around inside. Jeremiah puts two down with two shots. Nick examines gun shot on the side of the RV. The zombies inside were Vernon Trimbol and Kathy Trimbol. Mike is dead behind the RV. Behind the RV, Gretchen and other walkers are eating a horse on the trailer. Madison freezes. Nick puts Gretchen down. Moments later, they have gathered the bodies. Madison is taken aback by the fact that Gretchen is Alicia's age. Nick and Jeremiah think Troy killed the family in an effort to scare everyone. Jeremiah tries to believe Troy couldn't do this. Madison insists everyone turn around and go back, so they do.

At the gate, Troy is waiting. The pick-up truck and RV pull in. Madison, Nick and Jeremiah return to the ranch with the bodies. Madison reveals the dead bodies to the community. She gives a speech to the community, she covers for Troy and declares that the people who killed Travis and Phil have now killed the Trimbols. She warns that anyone who leaves the ranch will die and urges them to stay together. The crowd murmurs in support. Ranchers return supplies to the pantry. Nick confronts Madison about lying to the ranch. Madison points out that even if Troy killed the Trimbols, no one would believe them. Nick agrees to keep Madison’s secret as long as she includes him on her plans.

Madison approaches Troy at the fence and confronts him about killing the Trimbols. Troy admits that he pursued them to confront Mike over abandoning him, and then things got out of hand. Troy says, "He said some things and I did some things and it went bad." Madison reassures him he did what was right and they he is the survivor here. She says the only thing that matters is that Troy can control his rages, claiming he is integral to saving them from the fight that is coming. She hopes Troy is up to the task of protecting the Ranch from Walker. Troy says he is.

"The Unveiling"[]

Madison informs Nick that Alicia is missing, Jeremiah remarks that Jake, too, is gone. Nick offers to go after Alicia and Jake, but Jeremiah insists they can't spare people to look for them. Nick doesn't want to sit around like Jeremiah, so he suggests he train with Troy before embarking on such a dangerous mission. Nick cuts his hair and tells Madison he’s keeping his enemies close, referring to Troy. Jake returns to the ranch with Ofelia Salazar, who was at Walker's camp. Madison yells at Jake for leaving Alicia with Walker. Jake assures her that Walker will honor the hostage swap and Alicia is safe. Madison asks Troy to help rescue Alicia. Troy hesitates, preferring to see how Jake’s parley plays out. Madison points out that he owes her a favor for not turning the ranch against him. Troy, Nick and several militia soldiers sneak into Black Hat headquarters and rescue Alicia. Nick spots a guard approaching and tackles the guard, who Troy then shoots. Gunfire breaks out. Madison picks up the rescue team with Alicia in a truck.

Madison’s group returns to the ranch. Jake admonishes them for essentially declaring war on Walker’s nation. Madison admits that she convinced Troy to help save Alicia and accuses Jake of getting played by Walker. Madison, Jeremiah, Jake and Troy question Ofelia, who claims that Walker kicked her out because he suspected her of helping Alicia escape. A guard takes her to the infirmary. Madison regrets letting Ofelia return to Walker, given her promise to Ofelia’s father that she would look after Ofelia. Madison tells Ofelia she can stay at the ranch. Ofelia offers to help in the kitchen. Ofelia explains that Alicia was never in trouble and Madison says, "because of me."

In the bunkhouse, Alicia asks Madison how they can be sure that Walker killed the Trimbols. Madison doesn’t answer. Madison and Alicia wake up to the sounds of screams. They run outside. Ofelia lingers behind. Madison, Nick and Alicia slaughter the Infected in the camp. Nick sees Ofelia standing in the bunkhouse doorway and calls her name. She runs. Nick falls to the ground in pain and realizes that Ofelia is responsible for the illness. Madison chases after Ofelia.

"Children of Wrath"[]

Madison chases Ofelia as she tries to escape the ranch. Ofelia, however, gets into a truck and finds the keys. Madison catches up, though, and busts the window. She punches and interrogates her for answers. The next day, ranchers load dead bodies onto a truck. Jake and Alicia tend to the sick, which includes Nick. Madison informs everyone that Ofelia poisoned the militia’s coffee. Madison orders Jake to give Nick antibiotics.

Madison holds Ofelia at gunpoint and forces her to drive to the Black Hat Reservation. Ofelia insists that the powder was only supposed to make the militia sick so that Walker’s people could take over the ranch without bloodshed. Madison is disgusted with her and accuses her for abandoning her family, including Nick. Ofelia defends her actions and says "the nation's my family now." Madison brings Ofelia to Walker and demands to know what the poison was. He tells her that the poison was anthrax but says that Nick will survive if he’s able-bodied. He warns that she and her family will die if they don’t leave the ranch. Madison tells Jake that the poison was anthrax and that those who don’t die will be too weak to resist an attack. Jake orders Troy to gather the remaining militia, but Troy is the only one left. Madison suggests they recruit the ranchers but Jake tells her twice she doesn’t lead the ranch.

Jake eventually agrees with Madison’s plan to fight and instructs Troy to arm anyone who isn’t sick. Alicia suggests they try to negotiate with Walker again. Jake points out that they have no leverage to broker a deal. Alicia hatches a plan. Madison and Alicia hitch a wagon to her truck. Some of Walker's men spot the militia and begin gunning them down. Madison rushes back to the truck. Troy covers them and kills some of the Native Americans before leaping into the truck. The truck starts to pull away with Walker's trailer in tow.

Moments later, Nick tells Alicia and Madison about Jeremiah's previous deeds. Alicia insists they're on the wrong side. Nick doesn't want to cross any lines like Jeremiah does. When Alicia is confused by what he meant, he tells her Troy was the one who killed the Trimbols. Alicia is angered and disgusted to learn what her family lied about and upset about Troy murdering her friend, Gretchen, she tells off Madison, accuses her of being heartless for standing with Troy, saying and express how their dad was depressed because he was living with a corpse. Madison defends her action and declares that she’s too busy keeping everyone alive to have time for feelings, and insists she always had to keep everyone together and Alicia has no idea what she carries. Alicia is unfazed as Madison remains slient.

Madison speaks with Walker at the gate of Broke Jaw Ranch. She offers to return the artifacts as long as Walker agrees to peace. Madison hands over Walker's father's skull. He still says this is not enough. "This isn't my father, this is an old white man shame," Walker said before handing it over and sending her back. She tells Troy, Jake, Alicia, and Nick that they have until sundown the next day to clear out or die. Madison enters her family's quarters where Alicia is packing up. She reveals to Nick and Alicia why she’s never taken them to her hometown in Alabama. Madison shot her alcoholic father when she was a child because he beat her mother. She resolutely insists she would do it again if it meant protecting her family.

Madison walks in Jeremiah's office as he is fortifying his office. "I'm going Alamo, Madison," he said. "I built this house as a holdout in case we were ever over run or under siege." He believes himself to be prepared for the battle. Jeremiah offers Madison a drink and pours himself a little more. He thanks her for protecting his boys and standing by them. She tells Jeremiah there is one way to secure the peace. Walker is willing to offer peace in exchange for Jeremiah’s scalp. She doesn't respond so he questions if she is here to kill him. He tries to reason with her. She puts her gun on the table and says she isn't going to kill him. She pushes the gun to him and insists he kill himself. "I didn't outlive Phil and Russell and two good women to die like some rabbit with no resistance," he said. She insists if he doesn't do it, he loses the ranch, and therefore his legacy as everyone including his sons dies. He orders her out of the room and insists she do it herself if that's what has to happen.

Nick enters the room, and Jeremiah mocks him and says his mom is "exactly like" and doesn't finish the sentence before Nick shoots him in the head. Madison quickly begins to put a plan into action, and tells Nick, "I need you to do exactly as I say!" Jake and Troy run to Jeremiah’s house to find him dead, staged to look like a suicide by Madison and Nick. They remove Jeremiah’s body from the house. Madison, Alicia and Nick stand on the ranch's balcony where Jeremiah used to overlook the community. They watch Jake and Troy deliver Jeremiah's body to a coffin.

In the barn, Madison observes the coffin. As the sun comes up, Madison meets with Walker and places a backpack at his feet. He opens it and finds Jeremiah’s head inside. He nods at Madison and they part ways, peacefully.


Madison wakes up in Jeremiah's house and rummages through the dead man's office. Madison searches Jeremiah’s desk, his blood stain still there from the murder that took place. Some of the drawers are still locked. Madison tries to open drawers but they are locked. Her efforts halt when the commotion outside catches her attention. Everyone heads to the gate of the community with Jake walking outside to greet this apparently unexpected convoy. Walker’s convoy approaches the ranch. Jake greets the convoy and shakes Walker’s hand. The ranchers warily look on as Walker waves the convoy through the gate: The Nation has officially come to live at Broke Jaw Ranch.

In the cafeteria, Madison and Alicia discuss Jake's questionable health. Alicia says he's getting better, but Madison tells her, "lying's not useful" and tells her to take care of him. Alicia informs Madison that she is undermining Jake’s leadership by back-channeling with Walker. Madison denies that she’s been speaking to Walker, but Alicia repeats what Madison said to her, "lying's not useful" before leaving. In the meeting tent, Madison is present when Jake urges ranchers to forgive the Nation and work toward building a future together. Walker declares that his grudge against the ranch died when Jeremiah sacrificed himself for a peace deal.

Walker privately asks Madison if she’s prepared to handle Troy, should he become a threat. She assures him that she is. In Jeremiah's room, Madison pries open a drawer in Jeremiah s desk and discovers a note which claims there is 6 weeks worth of water available. The next morning, Terrance walks up to Crazy Dog and pulls a gun from his hoodie, attempting to kill him for Gretchen, but Crazy Dog manages to knock the gun away from him. A stray bullet hits a member of the Nation. Crazy Dog locks Terrance in a choke hold and nearly chokes him to death, but releases his victim when Madison and Walker steps in.

In the infirmary, Terrence is suffocated as his esophagus has been broken. Walker worries that other ranchers will follow Terrance’s example and demands the second arsenal key from Jake so that his people can arm themselves. Madison takes Walker’s side and urges Jake to let the Nation control the weapons and sweep the ranch for all remaining weapons. Jake reluctantly gives Walker the key. Moments later, Madison and Nick discuss how important it is to keep Jeremiah's murder a secret. Nick tells Madison that he can handle Troy, but Madison worries that Troy will kill Nick if he finds out that Nick killed Jeremiah. Nick is not sure what reaction he will have.

They arrive at Troy's house and demand his weapons. Troy is curious about his own safety. Nick helps convince him by saying, "You don't want to die on your doorstep." Troy allows everyone inside. He sits in his father's chair and discusses his father dying in it. When Walker attempts to search upstairs, Troy draws a gun on them. Nick stands in the way of the gun and orders everyone to leave, closing the door behind them. Madison promises Walker that she can fix the situation with Troy and Nick. Madison urges Troy and Nick to disarm, but they’re interrupted by gunfire from the Nation. Troy fires back. Someone pulls Madison out of harm’s way. The battle ends when Nick finally confesses to Troy that he killed Jeremiah. Troy is stunned and aims his gun at Nick but decides not to shoot. He's broken by the news about his father. Walker’s men barge into the room.

The next day, Madison talks with Walker. Walker wants justice. Madison says they can't kill Troy but she doesn't want them to kill him. "You can't martyr him," she said. Walker suggests exile before calling for Nick to be part of this, as well, for his support of Troy. "There can be consequences but he stays here," Madison insists. "Nick lives."

Troy is put in the bed of truck with his hands tied and given one bullet, in the event he decides he wants to kill himself. Meanwhile, Nick is escorted to a hot box where Walker promises he will suffer. Madison and Klah get in a truck to drive Troy into the desert. Later, in the middle of the desert, Madison parks there. Madison gets out and they're going to free Troy here. Troy calls her the "white witch of the apocalypse." He questions why he wouldn't come back and Madison insists he wouldn't do that to his brother. Troy gets a hold of Klah’s knife and stabs Klah, wounding him.

Madison prevents Troy from killing him as she aims a gun at Troy and orders him to go. Troy reveals that he knows about Nick killing Jeremiah. He questions her guilt for not killing Jeremiah and asks why she let Nick do it for her. She says it should have been her before Troy yanks the gun and grabs Madison. "Your father wanted to let other people die! He wanted to let you die! He could've banished himself," she insists. Madison head butts Troy and goes for the gun. She gets to it and points it at him. Troy tries to talk to Madison more before switching to how tired he is. He takes his backpack and starts walking. Madison keeps her gun aimed for a moment but eventually holsters it as Troy walks off into the desert alone.

"The Diviner"[]

Madison and Walker look upon a nearly depleted reservoir. Madison tells Walker that Jeremiah was aware of the low reserves. She insists they keep the water situation a secret in order to maintain peace at the ranch. Walker suggests they buy water from a trading post in Mexicali. Madison and Walker tell Alicia, Jake, Ofelia, and Crazy Dog that they will be gone for a couple of days to secure a backup water supply. In the meantime, they instruct them to enforce water rationing across the ranch. Madison reveals to Alicia that they only have six weeks of water left. She urges Alicia to keep the secret and gives her a radio to stay in touch.

Madison goes to Nick's box and gives him water. She drops the bottle inside. Nick is unresponsive. She doesn't want to leave in search of water with Walker until she knows Nick is okay. She walks to the truck and leaves with Walker. Madison and Walker make camp for the night. Madison touches base with Alicia over the radio and asks about Nick. Walker tells Madison that she is overprotective. Madison and Walker drive to a El Bazar at a stadium. Walker takes a canister of gold out of a box. Madison and Walker surrender their weapons to a guard at a checkpoint. Madison reluctantly trades her radio to the teller to pay for admission into the trading post.

Madison and Walker enter El Bazar. They find the outpost packed with bustling stalls and customers selling everything imaginable. Alicia tries to reach Madison over the radio but gets no response, due to her giving her radeo away. Madison and Walker approach Maria Lu at the trading post and ask for 10,000 gallons of water. Walker presents her with the gold and offers to give her a dozen more canisters. Maria Lu agrees. Madison sees a man wrestling with people. Madison realizes it is Strand, who somehow is here for a reason, and she rushes to his aid. Maria Lu calls off the deal once she realizes that Madison is friends with Strand, who owes a debt to Proctor John. Madison uses a shovel to start a fight and frees Strand. The men end up getting the upper hand but Walker comes to their rescue. Strand leads Madison and Walker to a hideout. Strand tells Madison that he plans to reconnect with a friend who controls a dam near Tijuana, but is trapped in El Bazar until his debts are paid. They rest for the night.

Madison catches up with Strand in the hideout. He gives her water and sits beside her. He asks about him then about Nick. Madison reveals she found him before telling him Alicia is north. "My children are alive," Madison said. Strand is relieved. Strand, learning of Travis's death, consoles her. Proctor Nineteen and another guard barge in with Walker as their captive. Walker says the guards had threatened to kill them. While being kicked out, A guard tells Madison that Strand must pay off his debt to Proctor by defending the front gate from Infected while chained up. Strand urges Madison to leave him and return to Nick and Alicia. "The whole world is lost," Strand tells her. "My mother named me Victor because she knew I'd always win. I'll be fine." Strand is escorted out with the rest of the prisoners.

Madison sits at a bar at the Bazar. Walker approaches and tells her he repaired the water deal with Maria Lu. They will have the water for their community in the morning. The next morning, Walker brings the gold to Maria Lu only to find that all the canisters are empty. It is revealed that Madison stole the gold to pay Strand his debt.

Meanwhile Strand has become surrounded, He uses a hammer to take them down. He is surrounded just as Madison and the men who put him out there gun down the undead and help him up. "Your debt is paid," Madison tells him. Walker confronts Madison about using his gold to pay off Strand’s debt. She reasons that the water tanker was just a short-term solution and that Strand can lead them to a longer-term solution: Gonzalez Dam.

"La Serpiente"[]

Madison, Strand and Walker drive to the dam in the water tanker. They encounter a herd of Infected. Strand throws a beeping alarm out the window to draw the mass of walkers away from the road, allowing the truck to pass unharmed. Madison, Strand and Walker pull into a gated parking lot. Strand pushes a car aside to reveal a sewage grate. Walker does not like the idea of heading underground, but Madison reassures him this is the fastest way. The group descends into the tunnels. Suddenly an infected approaches the group. Madison wants to take the small group out but Strand insists there may be more in the dark behind it. They come to a crossroads and Strand leads the way, revealing he is looking for an eye logo which are laid out by the Proctors. He finds it and continues.

Down further, Madison comes across a bloated walker blocking the way. It is stuck. Madison kills it with a hatchet but realizes they are going to have to chop it up and remove it piece by piece. She starts with its head then it's arm. After pulling too much, water starts to flood the sewer. Walker decides to head back to the surface and leaves them. Strand finally tells Madison that Daniel Salazar is alive and is at Gonzalez Dam, but that Daniel is angry with him for misleading him on Ofelia’s whereabouts. Strand breathes a sigh of relief when Madison informs him that Ofelia is alive and safe at the ranch. As they head down the tunnel they run into Walker who is fleeing from a group of Infected.

Daniel and his group reaches the dam and shuts the gate behind them. Daniel sees someone emerging from a pipe: It's Strand. He is not happy to see him but Madison emerges and asks Daniel to lower the gun. Walker lowers his first. Madison is happy to see that Daniel is alive. He tells her he is better now before asking about Ofelia. "She's alive, Daniel," Madison tells him. He is reluctant to trust her because of Strand, but Madison reveals Walker helped her and now they need Daniel's help. She tells him they’ve come for water. Daniel holsters his gun and brings them inside.

Daniel takes Madison’s group to Gonzalez Dam to meet Lola Guerrero. They wait outside as Daniel speaks to Lola. Madison wants to handle the negotiation with Daniel, insisting she knows Daniel will help them. Moments later, Daniel invites them inside. Lola offers Madison a seat while the men in the room remain standing. Madison asks Lola for water in exchange for resources such as cattle or guns.. Lola is completely disinterested and refuses to make a deal. "We have no water to spare," she tells Madison. Madison stands up to tell Lola of the threats she will be facing. Lola insists, there is nothing left to discuss. She offers refuge for the night, but leave in the morning.

Later, Madison speaks privately to Lola. Lola insists she has had enough trouble trying to trade with other communities. If she trades with Madison, there will be bloodshed. She is ready to fight against that. Madison pleads with her, for her children, but Lola doesn't buy in. However, she offers to let Madison and her family live and work at the dam. Madison tells Lola it is impossible to do right by everyone and walks off.

In their rooms, Madison and Strand have a moment together. Strand suggests she leaves the Ranch. Madison, however, insists the dam is not safe because Lola refuses to defend it. They open up more deeply. Madison reveals how much she has done for the kids and how much they have seen. Strand wants her to remove the kids from the picture for a moment and Strand asks what she wants. Madison says that she wants to keep living at the ranch. She says the ranch has problems to spare, but it's the closest thing to what she knows. It's where she wants to be, she tells him before asking what future he sees. "One where I don't fail my friends," Strand said.

Walker leaves the dam and warns Madison that he is kicking out the ranchers. "They can leave peacefully or we can force them. Your choice." he says. He refuses to reason with her and leaves. Daniel and Madison catch up. Madison asks Daniel if he tried to change Lola's mind, but he couldn't, he says he won't abandon her because she saved his life. Madison, however, questions whether the truth of it is Daniel being afraid to face his daughter. "Ofelia will always be my daughter, no matter what that man had her do," Daniel said.

Madison joins Strand at the gate to head back to the ranch. Strand tells Madison to stay away from the water tanker. Moments later it explodes, blowing open the gate. Infected flood inside. Lola’s men kill the Infected with help from Madison and Strand. Daniel hears an angry mob approaching the breached gate. Lola still doesn’t believe the people would revolt against her until they see an angry mob approaching. Lola’s crew secures the gate just as the rioters arrive. Lola retreats, while Daniel calls Strand and Madison over so the crew can fix the fence.

In her office, Lola finally agrees to make a deal with Madison, and asks Daniel how many guns and munitions they will need to protect the dam. Daniel writes down a number. Madison agrees to provide them with the required armaments in exchange for 10,000 gallons of water a week until the rains come. Madison suggests they make the first trade in five days at the trading post in Mexicali. Lola also demands that Ofelia show up at the exchange. Madison agrees to this.

Daniel sends off Madison and Strand in a water tanker provided by Lola. She thanks Daniel before leaving. Daniel warns her that Strand will double-cross her and he knows this. Madison and Strand drive down the road in their truck full of water. Strand admits he rigged the explosion. Madison asks how Strand pulled off making the truck explode. "Trick I saw in an old movie," he said. "I had my doubts!" She thanks him. "You would've done the same for me," he insists. She jokes back with him before the two come upon Walker walking back alone. "Thirsty?" Madison asks him. Walker smiles and gets inside the truck.

"This Land Is Your Land"[]

Madison arrives back at the ranch with Walker and Strand to find it overrun by walkers. After Ofelia and Crazy Dog blow up the ranch's fuel reserve to destroy the horde, Madison, Walker, Strand, Nick and Troy join in rescuing Alicia from the pantry. However, they are too late to save the majority of the ranch's residents and Natives who either died in the walker attack or suffocated in the pantry. Madison tells Alicia they have to go, She tries to help Christine but realizes she has died, so she stabs her in the head. Madison gazes upon the decimated ranch. She tells Nick that they are driving to the trading post and then to the dam. She gives a look to Troy.

Madison approaches Ofelia, who is sitting with Walker. She tells Ofelia that Daniel is alive and is desperate to see her. Ofelia cries in shock, Madison insists that they have to move. Nick informs Alicia that Jake is dead. Alicia asks where the horde came from. Nick covers for Troy and says that Troy spotted the mass of Infected but was too late in warning them. Madison tells Alicia they're going to head to the dam but Alicia insists that there are no places that are safe no matter what everyone is saying. Strand insists it is the best they're going to get. The group gets ready to go but Alicia says she is not going, nor is she in shock. Alicia tells Madison that she wants to find a way to live for herself that doesn't involve running from place to place in fear. She is not going to get on the truck. Instead, she reveals a plan to live alone in the cabin that Jake told her about.

Alicia leaves in a truck. Nick tells Madison he will meet her at the dam after he follows Alicia to make sure she reaches her destination safely. Madison tells him to take Troy. Everyone heads off in their own directions, with Alicia driving across the plain. Nick and Troy follow her at a distance. Madison’s group leaves in the oil tanker.

"El Matadero"[]

Madison, Strand and Walker drive a tanker to the trading outpost to meet with Lola and Daniel. Strand worries that things might go south when they show up to the trade empty-handed, but she is confident that handing over what they have will be enough to convince Daniel to continue helping them, even after the attack on the Ranch cost them so many supplies. If Daniel refuses, Madison is still confident because they have Ofelia.

Meanwhile, on the back of the truck, Ofelia grows weak and falls off of her perch. Madison checks on Ofelia and spots a bite wound. Ofelia asks for Madison’s word that she will take her to see Daniel. Madison promises. Madison’s group arrives at the outpost a day early. Strand tells Madison that the outpost guards will kill Ofelia if they think she’s sick, but Madison insists they must enter to get Ofelia a bed and medicine. She insists Ofelia play it cool and work her way in with everyone. A man checks Ofelia, who is struggling to stand, and doesn't find the bite. Meanwhile, Strand and Madison accept a lower trade rate and everyone heads inside.

Madison sets up Ofelia inside a room then goes to find painkillers. Walker says her fever is up. Madison gives him a knife and tells him to stay awake. She leaves, Strand catches up and says that they just gave away their bartering tools for Ofelia to say goodbye. Strand tells her she is giving up all of their resources without thinking of the consequences. Madison wonders if he’s afraid of Daniel, but Strand says that she shouldn’t assume he’s going to help them when they show up with no weapons and a dead daughter and walks away.

Madison brings medicine back to Ofelia and Walker but she’s fading fast. Madison says Ofelia and Daniel don’t deserve this and maybe Strand was right. Walker says he lost everything at the ranch. He says he was raised on loss, and that’s why Ofelia needs to see her father one last time. He needs to be able to bury his daughter even if that means they all die. She thanks him.

Nick arrives and finds Madison sleeping by Ofelia’s side. He wakes up Madison. Walker told him what happened to Ofelia. He explains that Alicia is happy and isn’t coming with them. Madison nods and says ok. Nick says Troy is at the bar, freaked out by all of the Mexicans. Madison says that’s ok because they need people right now. She starts crying, and Nick hugs her and says it’s ok. She thanks him for being there. He says she needs fresh air and he’ll look after Ofelia. Madison gives him the knife and leaves, and then Nick takes a deep breath and goes to sit with her.

Madison wakes up Ofelia and she and Walker pick her up. Walker wants to take her there but Madison says it would be best if he didn’t go. Walker gives Ofelia a hug goodbye and she leaves with Madison. Outside, Madison leads her to a box to sit on. Ofelia is shivering so Madison puts her jacket on her and Ofelia tells her that she needs her to put her down if she turns. Madison says it won’t come to that. Ofelia asks Madison to tell her father she was really looking forward to getting to know her father better. Madison says that parents work so hard to hide things from their kids but the kids always know. Ofelia knew her father, she says, and Ofelia thanks her.

The car pulls up and Ofelia dies right at that moment. Daniel walks up to Madison and Madison begs him to stop and listen, but he won’t stop. He sees his lifeless daughter and hugs her. He demands to know what kind of sick joke this is and points the gun at Madison as he breaks down in tears. “This is the price,” he says. He tells Madison to get away from them or he’ll kill her. Madison realizes that they’re done and walks away. As she walks away, Daniel shoots Ofelia.

Madison returns to the Ofelia'a room to find it empty. Daniel comes in and looks around. Madison watches as he leans against a pole and tells her that he was walking all night. He carried Ofelia away and buried her. Madison says Ofelia saved Alicia, and that Alicia went off on her own. Daniel isn’t surprised. He asks if Madison was with her when she died. Madison says she wanted him to know she loved him, and that she was looking forward to getting to know her. She tells Daniel their conversation and he says she only saw the real man for a moment. Daniel informs her that she can still come to the dam, along with Strand, Walker, and the others.

Madison finds Nick and Troy. She says they’re going to the dam. He tells his mom he wants to stay a few days with Troy and establish a foothold there. Knowing that Nick has ulterior motives for staying, Madison simply tells him that he knows where to find her. Madison asks Strand if he's ready to go to the dam. Strand looks at the guards at the bazar, and tells her that he’s always ready.

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"Sleigh Ride"[]

Madison will appear in this episode.

Season 4[]

Season 4[]

Madison will appear in this season.

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