Madison's Group were the main focus of Fear the Walking Dead, up until Season 4.

The core of the group are the main cast who appeared in the episode "Pilot".

History Edit

  • At the beginning of the show, the group consisted of the following members: Madison, along with her children Alicia and Nick, Madison's fiancée Travis, along with his ex-wife Liza and their son Chris, Daniel Salazar and his wife Griselda and their daughter Ofelia. At one point the group are all living in Madison's house in El Sereno.
  • At the end of season one and the beginning of season 2, the group consists of Madison, Travis, Alicia, Nick, Chris, Daniel, Ofelia and Strand. Both Griselda & Liza have died by the end of Season One finale "The Good Man"
  • At the end of Season 2a, the group consists of the following members: Madison, Alicia, Ofelia and Strand. Travis and Chris have formed their own group, Nick has gone off on his own and the fate of Daniel is unknown.
  • At the end of Season 2b the group consists of the following members: Madison, Travis and Alicia. Nick is still off on his own, Ofelia has re-entered the U.S. by herself, Strand has stayed behind and Chris has died. Daniel was presumed dead.
  • Season 3's second episode "The New Frontier" saw Travis' death.
  • Season 3's third episode "Teotwawki" saw Daniel's reappearance, whilst he's still associated with the group it's not yet clear where his loyalties lie.
  • Troy joins the group after the loss of Broke Jaw Ranch.
  • Season 3 episode "El Matadero" saw Ofelia's death
  • Season 3 episode "Things Bad Begun" saw Troy's death.
  • At the end of Season 3 the group consists of the following members:
    • Madison - the only member known to be alive
    • Alicia - fate unknown at the end of Season 3
    • Nick - fate unknown at the end of Season 3
    • Strand - fate unknown at the end of Season 3
    • Daniel - fate unknown after the collapse of the dam
    • Travis has died, killed by Lee
    • Ofelia has died, bitten by an infected
    • Troy has died, killed by Madison
  • At the start of Season 4, the members can be assumed to be as follows:
  • It was revealed during the course of Season 4 that two members of the group have died:
    • Madison Clark sacrificed herself in order to save her children and the other members of her group.
    • Nick was killed by Charlie several months after the death of his mothers.
  • The rest of the group wandered around Texas for several months, seeking revenge against The Vultures. They were eventually absorbed into Morgan’s Group, thus dissolving the group.

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