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|seasons = [[Season 2]]
|seasons = [[Season 2]]
|firstseen = "[[Blood in the Streets]]"
|firstseen = "[[Blood in the Streets]]"
|lastseen = "[[Sicut Cervus]]" (''Alive'')<br>"[[Shiva]]" (''Zombified'')
|lastseen = "[[Sicut Cervus]]" (''Alive'')<br>"[[Shiva]]" (''Infected'')
|deathdate =
|deathdate =
|deathcause = Shot by Mexican Border guards.
|deathcause = Shot by Mexican Border guards.

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Luis Flores is a character in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. He first appear in the episode "Blood in the Streets".



Luis Flores is a very protected person but also offers a spiritual understanding of the world. The Flores family, including Celia and Luis Flores, have worked for the Abigail family since Thomas Abigail and Luis were children. Growing up, Luis continued to work for Thomas as his assistant.

Season 2

"Blood in the Streets"


Luis orders Madison to turn the ship around, reminding her that they only have a small window of time to cross into Mexico. Madison refuses to abandon her family and asks Strand if she would’ve been better off leaving him in the water. Strand agrees to give Madison half a day to rescue Travis and Alicia.

In Spanish, Luis tells Strand someone is waiting for them and they need to go, but Strand says “he” would understand. Luis counters that he only has enough money for two people to cross the border. “Everything is a negotiation,” replies Strand, as Daniel listens in.

After a shot is heard, Chris walks down the hall with a gun and tells Ofelia that Reed was about to turn. The group finds Reed dead in the cabin with his face blown off.

Madison comforts Chris. They overhear Luis complain that the trade is now dead. Chris realizes that he just destroyed any hopes of getting Travis back peacefully.


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