Los Angeles Airport (more commonly known as Los Angeles International Airport or by its airport codename LAX) is a minor location, briefly seen in Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462.

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

LAX is a major international airport - the only international airport on the west coast of America. As such, it serves as a major transportation hub for Los Angeles, and by extension, the west coast.

Post-Apocalypse Edit

LAX can be seen briefly during Part 1 of Flight 462. Despite the outbreak, Flight 462 was still boarding passengers. Word of flights been grounded by the FAA began to circulating after the flight was finished boarding. Despite this, Flight 462 took off from LAX on route to Phoenix without incident on the ground.

It can be assumed that the airport was shut down after this. This assumption can be based on the fact that Flight 462 was unable to land at Phoenix and had to find another airport, with San Francisco being the only airport in California mentioned as a viable location.

Since Los Angeles was destroyed in the final stages of Operation Cobalt, it can be inferred LAX was destroyed as well.

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