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Logan is main antagonist of the fifth season. He was portrayed by Matt Frewer.

Logan was the co-owner of the Wittington’s Denim Company and the former partner of Clayton.


Rural Texas[]

Nothing is known about Logan's life prior to or as the outbreak began. He lived somewhere in rural Texas, where he met Clayton. Together, they became owners of Wittington's Denim Company.


While Clayton and some of the other truckers desired to help people, Logan did not agree with Clayton's charitable nature, and left the factory at some point, founding his own group.

Season 5[]

"Here To Help"[]

Logan sends a message to Morgan's group asking for help and claiming his place got surrounded. Following the group crashing on an unknown territory, Logan calls Morgan to ask him what happened and is told that they are coming to help him. However, when the group arrives at the truck stop they find the place empty.

Sometime later, Logan arrives at the denim factory. He heads inside and finds supplies, beds, movie requests, and Althea's tapes. He sends his crew to the front gate, armed with guns, to force the rest of the group to leave the factory and take their boxes with them.

Logan then calls Morgan from a radio and says he is the "L" in "C&L" which is the logo on all of the trucking equipment. He admits he never shared Clayton's world view and he made them fly to the furthest truck stop he knew of so they could take over without a fight. Alicia reminds him they crashed a plane to help him and Logan says he is just trying to reclaim what's his instead of hurting them. He cuts off communication and walks away.

"Is Anybody Out There?"[]


"Channel 4"[]


"210 Words Per Minute"[]


"You're Still Here"[]


"Leave What You Don't"[]


Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Logan has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies and unnamed people


Season 5
Episode Appearance Status
Here to HelpAppears
The Hurt That Will HappenAbsent
Humbug's GulchAbsent
The End of EverythingAbsent
The Little PrinceAbsent
Still StandingAbsent
Is Anybody Out There?Appears
Channel 4Appears
210 Words Per MinuteMentioned
You're Still HereAppears
Ner TamidAbsent
Leave What You Don'tAppears
Today and TomorrowAbsent
Channel 5Absent
End of the LineAbsent


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