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|ethnicity = Native-American
|ethnicity = Native-American
|aka =
|aka =
* Crazy Dog}}
* Crazy Dog|title = Lee}}
'''Lee''' was a recurring character in the [[Season 3|third]] season. He was portrayed by [[Justin Rain]].
'''Lee''' was a recurring character in the [[Season 3|third]] season. He was portrayed by [[Justin Rain]].

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Lee was a recurring character in the third season. He was portrayed by Justin Rain.


Very little is known about Crazy Dog's life before the outbreak. It can be assumed he was born on the Black Hat Reservation, or at least had some connection to the tribe as he is of Native American descent and is associated with the Black Hat tribe after The Fall.


At some point after the outbreak, Crazy Dog is seen to have linked up with the Black Hat tribe. He is part of the group that seizes Madison and Troy (alongside other members of the Survivalist Organization) at the outpost during the events of Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame.

He is later seen during the events of The Unveiling, where he helps capture Jake and Alicia when they arrive at the Black Hat reservation, as well as capturing Ofelia when she returns with Jake.

During Children of Wrath, he accompanies Qaletaqa Walker when he goes to negotiate with Madison for peace between the residents of Broke Jaw Ranch and the reservation.


Season 3
Episode Appearance Status
Eye of the BeholderAbsent
The New FrontierAbsent
Burning in Water, Drowning in FlameAppears
Red DirtAbsent
The UnveilingAppears
Children of WrathAppears
The DivinerAppears
La SerpienteAbsent
Brother's KeeperAppears
This Land Is Your LandAppears
El MataderoAppears
Things Bad BegunAppears
Sleigh RideAppears


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