Joseph or referred as Joe is a militia soldier and guard for the Broke Jaw Ranch.

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Nothing is known about him before the apocalypse

Post-Apocalypse Edit

The New Frontier Edit

Joseph is first seen on guard duty when Troy Otto pulls up to the gate to drop off Maddie, Blake, and Nick. When Troy ask who did he piss off to get stuck on guard duty, he replies that Jeremiah Otto wants to talk to Troy and that the helicopter that Jake, Travis, Luciana, Charlene, and Alicia were in never came back to the Ranch. After Madison and Nicholas are told to get out of the truck, he watches them from the behind gate until Jeremiah orders them into the truck.

Red Dirt Edit

He is seen at the gates listening to Madison telling that Qaletaqa Walker and his men shot the Trimbol's (even though it was Troy Otto who was responsible).

The Unveiling Edit

He was apart of Troy and Madison's mission to save Alicia Clark back to Broke Jaw Rance. He later sees Troy kill a unnamed guard (which was part of the Black Hat Reservation). The next day after Jake Otto gets cut in the head by walker. He's on night watch only for him to have a seizure, when Cooper tries calling out Jimmie. Theres no response, only revealing that Jimmie is dead and has turned. Its later revealed that it was Ofelia that was responsible for the deaths of Jimmie, Joe, and other Broke Jaw Ranchers.

Children of Wrath Edit

After that night, he was sent into the infirmary only to eventually die from the poisoning, he was later shot in the head by Jeremiah Otto, most likely out of mercy due to Jeremiah showing some remorse.

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Season 3a Edit

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