John Dorie's Cabin is a minor location in Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead.

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Not much is known about this location before the apocalypse. John owned this cabin before the outbreak and used it as a retreat.

Post-Apocalypse Edit

Before the outbreak, John Dorie retreated to his cabin to recover from the trauma (PTSD) associated with a response to a robbery gone wrong where a perp he was forced to shoot bleed out before him before medical help arrived. He felt the death was his fault because his intent was to wound not kill. Because of his skill as a trick shooter he felt he should have been able to only wound the perp and not kill him. Because he felt this incident going wrong was his fault he retreated from the world depressed and shaken and needing to re-evaluate his career in law enforcement. Unknown to him, during his self imposed exile from the world the apocalypse occurred. After several weeks the need to resupply lead him to travel by canoe to a near by gas station/fishing/camping supply store where he first became aware of the apocalypse. John Dorie then stocked his cabin with supplies and goods such as VHS movies (which he would return to the store from time to time like a checked out library book) while he remained in his cabin contemplating the apocalypse and what would become of him. Occasionally, an Infected would wash up on the shores of the river near the cabin. Eventually, Naomi washed up injured on a sand bar near the cabin and John took an unconscious Naomi in to nurse her wounds. After Naomi left, John abandoned the cabin to look for her.


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