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So, Jeremiah was the one who left Ofelia in the desert to die and there's [a] bit that they cut out, that I'm actually pretty upset with them for cutting out. There's a bit where Ofelia asks him for a ride and Jeremiah says, 'No. I don't think your kind would be accepted.' And she goes, 'What do you mean, my kind?' And he goes, 'Brown people.' And he continues on to say, 'All I would be able to use you for is a comfort girl.' That's why she spit at his foot. I don't know why they cut that because that really shows what kind of person Jeremiah Otto is.

Jeremiah Otto Sr. was a major character and a secondary antagonist in a first half of the third season, after appearing as a minor character in the second season. He was portrayed by Dayton Callie.


Before the apocalypse, Jeremiah lived in the United States, probably near the border. He was married twice and has two sons named Jake and Troy. He was a founding member of the group of survivalists, also known as "preppers", who were preparing for what they saw as the inevitable fall of government and created what became the camp at Broke Jaw Ranch. They were prepared for many things, but not for the dead to rise.



Jeremiah is wandering somewhere along the Mexican-American boarder with his assault rifle when he spots Ofelia wandering in the desert. He opens fire on her until she hides behind a tree. He approaches her and aims his gun at her, asking Ofelia to hand over her knife. He then proceeds to capture Ofelia.


  • In an interview, the showrunner revealed that in the scene between Ofelia and the militia man, they deliberately chose an actor who somewhat resembled Daniel, to lead viewers into believing the man may be Daniel, at first glance.[citation needed]
  • Executive Producer Dave Erickson described Jeremiah as a man who possesses a "moral compass" and is "rough" and capable of violence. Jeremiah is also a person who has a dark past that is going to come back and haunt him.


Season 2
Episode Appearance Status
We All Fall DownAbsent
Blood in the StreetsAbsent
Sicut CervusAbsent
Los MuertosAbsent
Do Not DisturbAbsent
Pablo & JessicaAbsent
Pillar of SaltAbsent
Date of DeathAbsent
Season 3
Episode Appearance Status
Eye of the BeholderAbsent
The New FrontierAppears
100Credit Only
Burning in Water, Drowning in FlameAppears
Red DirtAppears
The UnveilingAppears
Children of WrathAppears
The DivinerAbsent
La SerpienteAbsent
Brother's KeeperAbsent
This Land Is Your LandAbsent
El MataderoAbsent
Things Bad BegunAbsent
Sleigh RideHallucination




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