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Hector Reyes was a recurring character in the second season. He was portrayed by Ramses Jimenez.


Hector is the nephew of Elena Reyes, and he worked as a waiter at the Rosarito Beach Hotel. His brother, Antonio, lived with him at one point, before he joined the Los Hermanos gang in Tijuana. Their relationship soured after this.


Hector was working at the wedding reception when the father of the bride had a heart attack and died. Hector is instructed by his aunt to "get the vehicles ready" and to get a doctor- a task with which he had no success. When the dead man revived, and he and his aunt realized what was happening, they fled the ballroom and locked the doors behind the surviving guests.

Hector and his aunt are still hiding out at the hotel. He and Elena Reyes go floor to floor, clearing them and locking Infected into rooms, until Hector is kidnapped by surviving members of the wedding party. He is eventually released when his aunt gives up her keys to Oscar. He, his aunt and Alicia Clark flee through the underground tunnels where they reunite with Madison Clark.

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