Hector Ramirez (spanish: Héctor Ramírez) is a character in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. He is portrayed by Luis Javier.



Hector lives in El Sereno with his wife, Cynthia Ramirez. The Ramirez family is one of the many families which live on the Clark's street. During the fall of Los Angeles infrastructure (such as hospitals etc) due to the infection, Hector pre-existing heart problems are aggravated to the extent that Hector is bed ridden.

Season 1Edit

"Not Fade Away"Edit

During the nine days when the National Guard fenced off the neighborhood Hector was dying, and the only way Liza could help was to tell his wife Cynthia that she was a registered nurse, to gain her trust. Currently, with the lack of medical care, Cynthia has been relying on Liza to help her sick husband. Cynthia trusts Liza to take care of her husband, as she believes that Liza is a registered nurse, which she isn't. Before leaving the household after checking on Hector, Cynthia offers homemade squash soup to Liza. Cynthia follows Liza outside her house, then tends to her garden. While out, Nicholas Clark sneaks in and steals Hector's morphine drip.

Hector 1x04

Hector being treated by Liza.

Later, Cynthia arrives at her home with a newly arrives Doctor Bethany Exner. Bethany praises Liza for all her help with Hector. Cynthia and Doctor Exner reveal that Hector is being brought to a medical facility for better care provided by the National Guard and Cynthia is going with him. During the night, all residents in the safe zone are loaded onto the truck to leave for the facility.

The Good Man Edit

Due to the infected overrunning the facility, Bethany Exner euthanised (mercy killed) those patients unable to be moved and make the journey. It is possible that Hector was one of those euthanised by Exner.



Season 1 appearances
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