Hank was a survivor in Season 4 of FtWD.

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Nothing is known about Hank's life prior to the outbreak, except that he had a wife named Martha. It is possible he lived in or near Austin, Texas.

Post-Apocalypse Edit

Martha and her husband, Hank, are involved in a car accident that leaves Hank impaled by a guardrail. Martha frantically tries to wave down passing cars, but nobody stops to help. Martha sits next to the car. A figure walks toward her. She starts to ask for help until she realizes it’s a walker. She brutally kills it with a rake.

Martha holds her husband’s hand and assures him that someone will help. The next morning, he dies and reanimates, and a heartbroken Martha puts him down. In the night, she buries him and is driven insane.


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