The Geary family is a family of survivors living on Catrina Island off the coast of California. They appear in the episode We All Fall Down. The family consist of five members- George Geary, Melissa Geary and their

George, Harry, Willa and Melissa Geary welcome Travis to their home

children: Seth Geary, Harry Geary and Willa Geary. They have secured a large part of the island from a herd of zombies that are coming from a tourist resort on the other side of the island. The family appear to have a suicide pact as each family member know about a stash of poison pills they have to take if it looks likely they will be overrun-- at least, George and Melissa have a plan to kill themselves and their children, and the children have a passing awareness of the plan. As of the end of the episode, only two members of the family can be confirmed as alive-- Seth and Harry.

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