It's not about the zombies, really.
— Gale Anne Hurd[1]

Gale Anne Hurd is a screenwriter, producer, and recording secretary for the Producers Guild of America. She is is an executive producer on Fear the Walking Dead.

They [the main characters] are facing their own internal problems that to them [are] all they think they have to worry about. Then THIS [the zombie apocalypse] happens and ups the emotional stakes.

— Gale Anne Hurd, [2]

Background Edit

Hurd has her own production company, Pacific Western Productions, which she formed in 1982. The first film she produced herself was The Terminator in 1984 which she also co-wrote with, her then husband, James Cameron. The second was Aliens, two years later.

Hurd also has the production company Vallhalla Entertainment

She went on to produce at least 25 films and TV programmes, including:

She is a governor of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Hurd is also an "avid"[1] supporter of Arsenal FC, a British football club.

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