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FTWD 303 MD 0130 565-RT.jpg|Madison & Alicia|linktext=Getting used to being part of something again
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File:FTWD 302 MD 0118 464-RT.JPG|Nick & Madison|linktext=Meeting a new character, Jeremiah
category = Images from season 3
Dante and Strand in Teotwawki.jpg|Dante & Victor|linktext=Strand looks uncomfortable as he meets another new character, Dante Esquivel
format = <gallery type=slideshow showrecentuploads=true hideaddbutton=true widths="650" position=center>,%PAGE%\n,,</gallery>
File:FTWD 301 MD 0111 654-RT-GN.jpg|Nick out on his own|linktext=Although that looks like Madison, in the background
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Season 3 Is Back!

In the wake of Travis' death, Madison really doubles down. Any semblance of mercy that she might have had is going to go away.

Latest Episode

"The End of Everything"
Synopsis: Althea chases a story with dogged determination, putting the mission, and her life, in danger.
Season: 5
Episode: 5
Air Date: Jun 30 2019
Written By: Shintaro Shimosawa
Directed By: Dan Liu

Next Episode

"The Little Prince"
Synopsis: Facing impossible odds, Luciana and the group work together to tackle an impossible task while Morgan helps prevent disaster. Elsewhere, an old friend presents Sarah, Charlie, and Strand with a solution.
Season: 5
Episode: 6
Air Date: Jul 7 2019
Written By: Andrew Chambliss, Ian Goldberg
Directed By: Michael Satrazemis

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Welcome Back

Season 3 of Fear the Walking Dead is premiering on AMC and internationally in the summer of 2017. It is a companion to the television series The Walking Dead and based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. Season 2 will have 16 episodes.

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