Emergency Services, or first-responders, is a term that applies to the services that respond to a crises. These services include:

All these services were on the front line of the 'Infected' epidemic. As such, many of these services were rapidly overrun due to lack of knowledge of the Infected or else fled once the situation became apparent to them, but before the seriousness of the situation was realized by the general public.

At the very beginning of the apocalypse, firefighters, paramedics and members of the California Highway Patrol responded to a car crash on a Los Angeles highway. One of the victims revived and attacked the paramedics and Highway Patrolmen. He was quickly put down, but not before a lot of ammunition was wasted.

Members of the Center for Disease Control field office (and more paramedics), as well as members of the Los Angeles Police Department, can be seen after the 'death' of the Homeless Man.

Members of Temple Community Hospital can be seen putting into practice World Health Organization (organ of the United Nations) recommendations once an elderly patient dies. Later in the series, the reanimated remains of several member of the Sisters of Mercy Hospital emergency room staff (alongside patients) can be seen roaming out of the burning hospital.

Members of the LAPD can be seen stocking up on water, indicating that, while the knowledge of how to put down an Infected was largely unknown, some members of the emergency services knew enough to prepare for a catastrophe.

It can be assumed that the Fire Department became inoperative early in the epidemic, judging by the amount of fires seen raging throughout Los Angeles.

It appears that a similar chain of events transpired in Mexico (emergency services were being overrun), as no firefighters, paramedics or police were seen operating in Baja California.


Emergency Services
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