It would be a sitcom if it wasn't an apocalypse
— Rodriguez, FTWD Panel at SDCC 2015

Elizabeth Rodriguez is a series regular on Fear the Walking Dead.  She portrays the role of Liza and appears in all six episodes of Season 1.

Rodriguez originally auditioned for the part of Madison but didn't get it, that part went to Kim Dickens. She didn't expect to get the part of Madison but was a fan of both Erickson and Davidson (The Showrunner and the Director of Season 1 episodes 1, 2 and 3) and wanted to show them what she could bring to a role, figuring that even if she didn't get the role of Madison there might be other work in the series of with them later. That investment in time paid off; she was called back a few months later because "There was a bit missing in the pilot … they figured they would take care of it later." and was offered the role of Liza Ortiz[1].

There a great Character Interview from AMC, released before Season 1 premiered in 2015.

On Liza's Backstory Edit

..from the backstory that we talked about, Liza wanted to be a doctor when they were younger, and then she got pregnant. She put family first and put being a doctor on the back burner. When she talks about six years — if she had six more years, she would have been a doctor — it’s because of that. That’s why she didn’t become a doctor like she had planned.
— Rodriguez - Re the conversation with Travis in "The Dog", Yahoo TV Interview

Other Work Edit

As well as her recurring role as Aleida Diaz in the Netflix Series "Orange Is The New Black" Rodriguez is also known for:

  • TV Series
    • "Prime Suspect", opposite Maria Bello
    • "All My Children"
    • "The Shield"
    • "ER"
    • "Six Feet Under"
    • "Flash Forward"
    • "Cold Case"
    • "Just Shoot Me"
    • "NYPD Blue"
    • "Law & Order: SVU"
  • Made-for-TV movies
    • "Inflammable"
    • "The Eddie Matos Story", written by Oscar nominated writer Jose Rivera.
  • Feature Films
    • "Return to Paradise"
    • "Four Lane Highway"
    • "Acts of Worship"
    • "Blow"
    • "All Things Fall Apart"
    • "Pound Of Flesh"
    • "Tonight at Noon"
    • "A Line in the Sand"
    • "Jack Goes Boating", directed by Philip Seymour Hoffman
    • "Miami Vice", opposite Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx
  • Theatre.
    • "Beauty of the Father" (Manhattan Theatre Club)
    • "The Last Days of Judas Iscariot" (NY's Public Theater)
    • "Roger and Vanessa" (Actors' Gang)
    • "Den of Thieves" (Black Dahlia)
    • "Robbers" (American Place Theater)
    • "A View From 151st Street" (NY's Public Theater)
    • "Unconditional" (NY's Public Theater)
    • Rodriguez is also a member of the Labyrinth Theater Company in NY

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